Fans Are Convinced Kim Kardashian Has Had Her Ribs Removed To Shrink Her Waist After Comparing Old Photos

They're suspicious of her snatched waist.

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The Kardashians seem to be all anyone talks about these days — whether you’re a fan, a hater, still living in the early 2010s, or are reading this right now.

With Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker, Khloe’s constant Tristan Thompson troubles, and Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson and co-parenting arrangements with Kanye West, it feels like there’s always something going on and there’s hardly a moment to breathe.


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Except when one Reddit user decided to look back at the good old days and compare some of Kim’s photos from years ago to now.

Did Kim Kardashian remove her ribs?

Probably not, but fans have been comparing old photos to that show her waist looking somewhat wider than it is today.

The post was made three days ago on the subreddit “r/KUTWK,” name after the TV show that documents the Kardashian family’s lives, and compares older photos of Kim in bikinis to newer photos of Kim in bikinis.


“The body changes are just so drastic and unnatural,” read the title of the post. “She was perfectly fine before!!”

As you flip through the 20-photo compilation, you can see Kim’s body going through changes as she does not look the same as she once did, sparking all sorts of conspiracy theories and rumors.

"It’s so crazy to me how tiny her waist is in comparison," one person said. 


"She’s always been pretty slim but her waist used to be so much wider than it is now. I think that rumor that she had ribs removed is way far out there, but how the hell did she get her waist so damn tiny like what surgery is that!!??"

Fans reveled in the photos from the older days back when Kim was in her 20s — they all agree that she looked much more natural and healthy.

"When did she become obsessed with the super tiny waist?? Looked fine before," one fan commented.


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"Wow, she used to look so good. Hip dips and all, she actually looked normal," said another.

Many people tried to rationalize and figure out what really might have been going on, citing her obsession with fitness and losing weight as well as the cosmetic procedures she has gotten.

Kim Kardashian rib removal rumors circulated back in 2019.

When the "SKIMS" founder stepped out at the Met Gala in 2019, fans were shocked by just how tiny her waist looked.

However, a video on the Vogue YouTube channel revealed that Kardashian had gone to great lengths to squeeze into a tight-fitting corset that created the illusion of a tiny waist.


Fans often speculate about the Kardashian's cosmetic surgeries.

“It's crazy because I think without their surgeries and trainers they'd probably have Rob’s body at this point,” someone said.

Kim was purported to have gotten Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL) done, and the procedure can make the hips look much wider, making the waist look smaller in comparison.

Not only that, but the style of bikinis that Kim has worn has changed over the years — where she once settled for a more conservative, less flashy, modest bikini, she now wears a much more complex array of bikinis with strips of fabric that line her body well and likely accentuate her curves.


But this type of discussion is likely part of the reason why Kim might have gotten these procedures done in the first place.

As a part of her family and arguably the face of the Kardashian brand, Kim faces a lot more pressure in feeling like she needs to be perfect.

However, until Kim reveals to the world that she has had her hips removed, fans shouldn’t buy into conspiracy theories and just stick to the things we have and know.


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