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8 Awkward Details About Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Relationship, Including Rumors He's Still Texting Selena Gomez

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7 Awkward Details About Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber's Relationship And Engagement

Jelena fans may want to sit down for this one because it looks like Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are set to become the celebrity world's newest power couple.

After news broke this weekend of Bieber and Baldwin's engagement, the pair seems to be the celebrity couple on everyone's minds. However, the duo's sudden engagement is hardly the first time they've raised eyebrows. 

The Biebs and Baldwin have actually known each other for quite a long time — since 2009, in fact — and their relationship timeline has certainly not come without its fair share of more questionable details. So what are some of the stranger details surrounding the newly engaged couple's almost decade-long partnership?

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These are the most awkward details about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship.

1. Justin and Hailey met when they were very young.

Baldwin was only 13 when she met the singer, who was in the midst of crafting his insanely popular career. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, introduced them at the time. The short video of their first meeting has recently surfaced and it's more than a little awkward. But, then again they were only teenagers and as a teenager, is there anything really more embarrassing than having your dad introduce you to someone — especially if its pop superstar Justin Bieber? Probably not.

Despite the initial awkward meeting, Baldwin and Bieber were able to brush it off and became good friends. "We're just friends. I've known him for a very long time, since I was about 13," Baldwin said in 2015. "He's just going through a time in his life where he's transitioning in a really positive way and he needs good people around him. And I'm trying to be a good friend and be there for him and support him."

2. Justin and Hailey's relationship status was never official.

Until this past weekend, it seemed like they never even really had a definitive relationship status. Bieber's infamous on-and-off relationship with Selena Gomez throughout the years hasn't made matters any less complicated, either. 

However, the strangest part of this may have come from a few comments Justin made in a 2016 interview. When asked about his relationship with Baldwin, the singer awkwardly referred to her as "just a friend he kisses." Bieber later corrected himself saying that Baldwin was, "someone I really love. We spend a lot of time together.”

Bieber wasn't the only one making their status so complicated. Baldwin had her own thoughts about it. "We are not an exclusive couple. He's about to go on tour," she said in 2016. "Relationships at this age are already complicated, but I don't really like to talk about it because it's between me and him."

3. Hailey and Justin didn't speak to each other for two years.

In May this year, Baldwin explained in an interview that between the period of 2016-2018, she and Bieber lost contact completely. "We went through a long period of time when we weren’t friends. We didn’t speak for quite some time and there was a lot of weirdness that went on."

This information is particularly strange now, considering that the interview was in May and the couple got engaged in July. That's probably the fastest reconciliation ever.

4. Is Justin just using Hailey to make Selena Gomez jealous?

It seems as though Baldwin and Bieber officially reignited their relationship in June. They were spotted hanging out together all the time and were very open about their love for each other, which seemed a little odd since they had previously been so tight-lipped about the relationship. 

Some believed that Bieber's sudden public shows of affection towards Baldwin may have been just to "catch the attention" of his former love Selena Gomez and make her jealous. However, sources claimed that although Bieber still cares about Gomez, he doesn't have any contact with her and is "happy and proud" about his relationship with Baldwin.

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5. Justin and Hailey look a lot alike.

Journal Post

The Biebs took his lady for a vacation in the Hamptons on July 4, but unfortunately, JB's car broke down along the way. Some images were captured of the couple waiting for their car to be fixed and fans had a lot to say about it — except no one was interested in the car. People were more concerned by the fact that they just could not tell the couple apart, making for some pretty hilarious comments. However, we're still holding out for the "who wore it better" meme.

6. Does Hailey want to get married right away? 


Thought Justin was the one to proposesources suggested that it may have been Baldwin who was eager to get married. In June, the source claimed that Baldwin was "dropping hints about wanting to settle down with Justin" and was "begging" for him to propose to her. “She’s finally got what she wanted and now that they’re together, she wants to make things official as soon as possible. They already know each other so well and have a great connection, so Hailey wants this to move fast.” They also noted how Baldwin has always been "crazy about Justin."

7. Justin doesn't follow Hailey on Instagram.

Bieber made his love for Baldwin Instagram official with a lengthy open love letter on his Instagram. However, Buzzfeed pointed out that Bieber doesn't even follow his fiancee on Instagram! In the Instagram post, Bieber didn't tag Baldwin — which social media users know is pretty par for the course. When you post a photo of someone, you tag them. You just do. However, Baldwin does follow her future hubby.

8. Does Justin still love Selena Gomez?

In October 2017, Jelena fans rejoiced when Gomez and Bieber started hanging out with each other again, sparking romance rumors once again. However, it only lasted a few months, because in March 2018 it was reported that Jelena was over, and it seems like now they'll never get back together. Just a few months later, Baldwin and Bieber became the newest It Couple. 

However, some sources claim that Bieber still has a place in his heart for Gomez, and has continued messaging her despite his relationship with Baldwin. Gomez, on the other hand, is apparently not having any of it. “Selena ignores his texts and calls. She really has nothing to say to him, but wishes him and Hailey all the best,” the source said.

As do we!

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