Daughter's Dad Having A Sugar Baby Is 'The Best Thing Ever' — 'She Does More Than My Stepmom Ever Did'

Does she have a sister for my dad?

woman on tiktok chiva dad's sugar baby @chamoy.666 / TikTok

Divorce can be hard, messy, and lonely. It can leave people ravaged, lost, and in a deep depression. But it can also leave people feeling renewed, healed, and thriving. Thankfully, it seems like TikToker Chiva’s (@chamoy.666) dad feels the latter. 

After divorcing her stepmom, the woman's dad found himself a sugar baby.

Sugar dating is when a young person who is often times financially unstable will seek out an older wealthy person to trade companionship for money, gifts, or lavish dates. The young person is referred to as a "sugar baby" and the older person is referred to as a "sugar daddy" or "sugar mama."


In a recent video, Chiva explained that her dad had been in an unhappy marriage with her stepmom for 14 years.



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“I like people and genuinely do get along with people... and I can always find redeeming qualities with people... I’ve known this woman [stepmom] for 14 years and I have not found a single redeeming quality,” Chiva said.


She explained that her dad is so genuinely happy in his new relationship with his SB (sugar baby). He told her that he “hasn’t been this genuinely happy or enjoyed someone’s company like this in forever.” He also mentioned that he didn’t remember that feeling. 

Chiva said that she fully supported her dad because she just wanted him to be happy. She said that her dad’s SB seems really nice, so that was a plus.

In another video, she described how her dad’s SB has been the best thing ever.



She told her viewers that her dad and his SB were in Las Vegas to go shopping. The SB is a model and has “impeccable” fashion sense, whereas Chiva struggles in this department. The SB went shopping for the TikToker. 


Her dad gave Chiva his SB’s number and told her to send pictures of clothes that she likes so the SB could get an idea of her style. Chiva did just this and the SB said that she liked her style and told her, “I got you.”

Chiva concluded that the SB can stay because she has done more for both the TikToker and her dad than her stepmom ever did.

This is a prime example of women supporting women.

One user in the comments remarked, “She is a true girls girl, what an icon.” Chiva agreed and said that the SB was an icon. Another user said that they love a girl's girl and wanted the SB and the TikToker’s dad to work out based on that alone. A third user wrote, “Women supporting women.” 

It is very common for women to have animosity toward each other in day-to-day life rather than lift each other up, so this situation is something to applaud. Women often feel that they must compete with each other because they are taught by society that there isn’t enough room for everyone.


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“The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation.” In Chiva's situation, the SB is embracing her and is willing to help her out and collaborate with her in order to help give her more confidence. 

The life of a sugar baby is not always glamorous and can become dangerous.

“The websites that cater to people looking to enter a sugar relationship are populated with men looking for cheap sex and to manipulate younger women… [A sugar daddy] tried to push my boundaries when it came to using protection. In general, a lot of these men are expecting tons of attention and emotional labor for very little,” claimed an anonymous sugar baby in a Buzzfeed article.

Another anonymous SB said that through being a sugar baby, they have seen some of the most toxic examples of humanity and masculinity ever. SBs can easily be put into sex trafficking as well.


“When I met my first trafficker, I had been sugaring a couple of months at that time, and I disclosed to him that is what I was doing at the time to pay my bills. And so from there, there was really no grooming process. That boundary of engaging in commercial sex acts had already been violated. So for him, it was just establishing that trauma bond and then taking over my money. That happens commonly,” Megan Lundstrom, a sex trafficking and sugaring survivor, said.

However, it is possible to find a trustworthy, genuine, kind sugar mama/daddy like Chiva’s dad. As long as the risks are weighed and the situation is safe, there is no shame in being a sugar baby — especially if you are a girl's girl/icon like Chiva’s dad’s SB.

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