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Dad Of Two Asks If He's Wrong For Only Having A Tattoo Of His Daughter And Refusing To Get One Of His Son

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Tattoos often hold a significant meaning to their recipients, and they can be a dedication to something or someone they feel connected with. 

One man shared that he has a tattoo in honor of his daughter, however, has no plans to get one dedicated to his son. 

Now he is wondering if he is making the right choice. 

The dad revealed that he will not be getting a tattoo for his son even though he has one for his daughter because his feelings toward tattoos have changed. 

Sharing his story to the subreddit thread, AmITheA–hole, the father of two sought the advice of other Reddit users regarding whether or not he should get a tattoo for his son as well. 

He began his post by revealing that he had his first child, a daughter when he was very young.

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“I was devastated when I had to leave her with my parents to go to college,” he wrote. 

He decided to tattoo his daughter’s name and a picture that reminded him of her on his chest. 

Years later, the man married his wife and they welcomed a son together. Recently, his wife has asked him when he plans on getting a tattoo in their son’s honor as he did for his daughter. 

However, over time his feelings regarding tattoos have changed since he got his first one.

“I was very young when I got my first and only tattoo and it wasn't a pleasant experience and I don't really like tattoos anymore,” he shared. 

The man’s wife argued that their son was going to be bothered in the future since his father has a tattoo dedicated to only one of his children and that it displayed favoritism toward his daughter. 

 “I told her this is insane and if she really wants a tattoo of our son's name then she should get one,” he wrote. “We got into a heated argument and it ended with her calling me an a–hole.” 

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Some Reddit users believed that the father’s tattoo may be hurtful to his son as he grows up. 

“I think you're pretty ignorant if you can't see how that could look like favoritism,” one user commented. 

“This will definitely look like favoritism to a child,” another user wrote. 

However, others argued that the man was not required to get a tattoo for his son and there were more effective ways of displaying love to him. 

“It's pretty easy to say to a kid, ‘boy, I didn't realize how much tattoos hurt when I got this one! I don't ever want to do that again, but you little buddy will always be tattooed right here, on my heart,” one user pointed out. 

“I honestly don't understand how someone can look at a person and say you must either get a tattoo or remove it otherwise it is favoritism,” another user noted. “People grow and change (hopefully) after a decade.” 

“Your explanation for not wanting one is good enough and he will understand. Your wife is acting jealous stepmother,” another user commented. 

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