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Tattoo Artist Slammed For ‘Inking’ Baby After Dad Gets A Similar Tattoo

Photo: TikTok
Tattoo artist inks baby

A tattoo artist on TikTok is being slammed after sharing a video in which she appears to "ink" a baby.

While tattoos have become increasingly common in recent years, most people can agree that only consenting adults — or at the very least people old enough to express themselves — should get tattoos.

The tattoo artist posted a video in which she applies a tattoo stencil on a toddler.

The artist, Aalya Bratt, is seen attaching a stencil to the little one while she sits on her dad's knee.

The baby seems blissfully unaware of what is going on as she smiles while being distracted by her father who is clicking his fingers to stop her from looking at what Bratt is doing.

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The stencil itself isn’t permanent and serves as a guide to help the artist with the tattoo. 

Typically, artists create a stencil of their work and apply it to the skin before tracing it with a tattoo gun to create the permanent artwork.

“They serve as a blueprint for guiding an artist through the basic features of a tattoo design and ensure that line thicknesses and shading are outlined and etched to meet the tastes of the client. A stenciled design makes life simpler for the tattoo artist and the subject who must live with the permanent artwork,” Monster Steel, a popular tattoo blog explains. 

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Bratt conveniently cut off the video right after applying the stencil and doesn't actually show any evidence that she permanently tattooed the baby but that didn't save her from backlash.

The video quickly went viral and has amassed 1.5 million views since it was first posted so, like any viral video, viewers had a lot to say.

The comments were flooded with emojis expressing shock and dismay as viewers questioned whether Bratt had really inked a baby.

“Noooo, seriously?” one user wrote. 

“Hell nah I would never do that,” another user said. 

Others recognized that Bratt was likely joking and probably didn't give the baby girl a real tattoo — we hope.

“Do people actually think they tattooed a baby?” asked another.

“No one understood this. It’s legit a trend, they only stick the stencil,” someone else said.

The artist captioned the video, "Most normal clients in Ohio," clearly poking fun at the young age of her clientele in the state. So we can only assume that even though the little one's dad was seen sporting a fresh tattoo, the baby's own ink will wash off at bath time!

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