Woman Can't Stop Thinking About How Her Contractor Offered Her A Discount If She Slept With Him

She's entitled to feel the way she feels.

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A woman on Reddit shared an emotional story of something that had happened to her days prior to her post and was looking for advice on why she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

One of her friends had recommended her ex’s father to install a fence for her home, and upon meeting the man, her initial impression was that he was a kind man who even bragged about being a grandfather to her friend’s kids.


That’s why it was so shocking when the contractor offered the woman a discount in exchange for a favor.

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The contractor offered to give her a discount in exchange for sleeping with him.

Their original agreement went as follows: “Offered to put up a small section of fence for $350 +materials. Sounded like a great deal.” All was well until the day the contractor arrived to get started on the job.

“I work from home, while my husband works 10 hr days in the office. So I met the contractor at Lowe's to get the materials and then went to our house for him to start,” she explained. “The contractor said we should figure this out before he gets too sweaty and he asked to go inside. I assumed it was just because it was hot. I had gotten weird vibes from him. He was always whispering to me, and I'd ask him repeatedly to speak up because I couldn't hear him.”


contractor asks woman to sleep with him in exchange for a discountPhoto: Reddit

The weird vibes were followed by an even weirder conversation about how the man normally charges $650 for this job but would do it for $350 if “we came to an agreement.” Upon being asked what that agreement was, he leaned in and whispered “sexual favors.”

“I was taken aback,” she wrote. “I was home alone and I had gated my dogs in the basement so they wouldn't bother us. I backed up and said ‘I’m a happily married woman. No thanks.’ He said he had to try because he [found] my body very attractive. My husband was a very lucky man.”


She made sure to include a vomiting emoji in the post to let people know that she was truly disgusted by this strange man’s advances.

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She tried to ignore the encounter but ended up talking to someone about it.

“I called my best friend because I just didn't know how to react. I felt numb to the situation if that makes sense,” she explained. “Her husband was home and told her that he was coming to my house if I didn't call my husband immediately to come home. They both felt I wasn't safe home alone with him.”

She thought that calling him would be an overreaction — she knew he wouldn’t react well to the news. She also realized that he would be upset if she hadn’t called him and found out later, so she relented and made the phone call.


Her husband worked five minutes away, and he made it back home in three. “He was home in a few minutes and went straight to the guy outside and demanded he leaves ‘by his truck or an ambulance, his choice,’" she explained. “The guy sped off in his truck moments later. My husband was incensed but was mostly worried whether I was ok.”

contractor asks woman to sleep with him in exchange for a discountPhoto: Reddit

Days later, however, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. “The more I think about it, the more it freaks me out,” she explained. “I keep being afraid he'll come back for the s--t he left behind while my husband is at work. I'm reading a murder mystery, and I keep picturing the killer as him.”


She emphasizes that “Nothing happened to me. He didn't touch me. He leered at me and made creepy comments about my body. Nothing really happened.”

However, she feels as if she shouldn’t be having this kind of reaction.

As someone else in the comments beautifully put it, her feelings were completely valid. They said, “It wasn't nothing and [you] are definitely not dramatic. That creep violated your trust. He deliberately waited until he had [you] alone and in a vulnerable position because he's a predator.”

“You have every right to feel as uncomfortable, distressed, and disgusted as [you] like. I'm very glad your friends and husband had your back, [your] safety is the top priority right now, not the fence.”


This was a traumatic experience for her and, similar to any traumatic experience, the feelings that come as a result are valid in every way.

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