Couple Shows Off Their 'Dual Income No Kids With A Dog' Lifestyle — And Get Major Backlash

Is it a flex to not have kids?

Ness baker is with her partner and her dog. @_inversioness / TikTok

Amidst shifting cultural and societal norms, an increasing number of young Americans are electing to let go of traditional milestones that previous generations have generally followed. They are consciously deciding not to have children, and electing to have furry companions instead.

It's recently evident in the trendy term DINKWADs — an acronym for 'Dual Income No Kids With a Dog' — which serves as an extension to just "DINK." One couple is loving this lifestyle and took to TikTok to show it off.


A couple who showed off their 'DINKWAD' lifestyle have received backlash.

Ness Baker, together with her partner, has been brandishing their DINKWAD lifestyle in a video that has gone viral on TikTok. The video showcased the pair indulging in retail therapy, savoring leisurely moments in bed, and basking in the great outdoors. Their lifestyle has sparked much discussion and debate.



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Playing in the background of their video is audio from another TikTok user "Shannon," who enlightened viewers about the terminology.

"I just learned the phrase 'DINK,' which means 'Double Income No Kids.' And I was like, 'that sounds pretty lit.' And then I heard the phrase 'DINKWAD,' which is 'Double Income No Kids With A Dog.' Bro, sign me up," Shannon said.

Despite the allure of this lifestyle, not all viewers were receptive to the idea of purposely opting out of parenthood. "Good luck dying alone at 60 to 70 with no kids or grandkids to take care of you," one person commented.

Though, not everyone was against their lifestyle. Some people made it a point that we should respect everyone's decision to either have or not have a child.


"For some people, not having kids is a flex. For others, having kids is their biggest joy. No need to judge this couple for not wanting kids," one person wrote.

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However, living the 'DINK' life is undoubtedly not ideal for everyone.

It is important to highlight some financial implications associated with both paths. With DINK, the most apparent advantage is the potential for a higher income and more savings due to fewer financial responsibilities. With this lifestyle, you may even opt for a smaller, cheaper home without worrying about access to reputable schools.

This can free up your budget for things like dining out or traveling, and save more money for the future. If managed wisely, this could provide an excellent opportunity to amass substantial retirement savings.


ness baker dinkwad backlash tiktokPhoto: TikTok / @_inversioness

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Contrarily, as the age-old argument against remaining childless goes, you might need those extra savings for expenses later in life. Many older Americans count on the social support that often comes with having children.


According to a 2021 report by the U.S. Census Bureau, although childless older adults generally have a higher median personal net worth, they are associated with a higher poverty rate. As a result, many DINKs might require paid care as they age, which can come at a considerable cost.

On top of that, choosing to remain childless might mean missing out on tax benefits that parents can claim. In the U.S., parents can claim the Child Tax Credit, which is worth $2,000 per child.

But a childless lifestyle also potentially offers greater flexibility and opportunities in your career. You would not need to take parental leave or leave work early for childcare duties. This could lead to increased job satisfaction, potentially higher salaries, and possible promotions in the future. Moreover, your time outside of your regular job could be more flexible, enabling you to pursue hobbies, side hustles, or even generate passive income.

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Therefore, while some young people find freedom in the DINKWAD lifestyle, it is a decision with significant implications and complexities.

It is vital to weigh all aspects, financial and otherwise, before choosing this lifestyle. The DINKWAD lifestyle, as presented on social media platforms, might seem enticing, but it is essential to remember that everyone's path and choices are unique, and what works for some may not be ideal for others.

With the rising cost of living, it's unfortunate that Americans have to choose between their financial status and children more than ever before.

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