Conspiracy Theory Claims The 'Not Real' Airplane Lady Is The One That's Not Real

Is there a possibility that Tiffany Gomas might be some sort of A.I. clone?

Tatiana, Tiffany Gomas @callhertata / TikTok

By now we're probably all quite familiar with the viral Dallas woman named Tiffany Gomas who, in July 2023, had a meltdown on an American Airlines flight after declaring that a passenger sitting in the back of the plane was "not real."

Gomas, whose name was kept secret for some time after the video emerged, is now the subject of a conspiracy theory about her own identity.

People are theorizing that Tiffany Gomas might be the one who is 'not real.'

Gomas first attracted public attention after a video began circulating on social media of the 38-year-old marketing executive who ended up forcing a plane to head back to its gate after she claimed that someone sitting in the back wasn't real.


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"Stop the [expletive] plane. Stop the [expletive] plane, stop the plane,” Gomas was heard loudly stating as she walked briskly up the aisle of the plane. “That [expletive] back there is not real… You can sit on this plane and you can [expletive] die with them or not. I’m not going to.”


The viral video prompted many people to speculate about what Gomas had seen on the plane, and if she had been experiencing a mental breakdown of some sort. Now, almost two months after the incident, conspiracy theories have popped up that Gomas might have actually been the fake person this entire time.



"We have this woman who everyone fell in love with for her vicar and assertiveness, and then we have this woman who came out and said that she's sorry for everything she did, even though she really didn't do anything to anybody but cause a few delays," Tatiana began, referring to Gomas' apology video that she posted on her Instagram account in early August 2023.

Tatiana claimed that something about these two different versions of Gomas is quite eerie, and shared a clip from a podcast where the hosts alleged that people have started doing AI face detections on Gomas. If a person gets a .6 or below for AI face detection, then it is "the same person," but if they score above, they are not.


"He put videos that were on the plane and videos that were outside of the plane of the real Tiffany... 1.2," the podcast host stated, claiming that it means Gomas' face isn't her own. On top of that, someone allegedly tracked Gomas' IP address from her apology video, which was located two blocks away from The White House.

"Did she see something, and they put in a double to be like, 'This is so embarrassing?'" one of the podcast hosts' inquired. Tatiana seemed to agree with their theory, pointing out that it seemed both interesting and odd. 

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Gomas was recently spotted at the airport once again for the first time since her initial meltdown.

On August 28, Gomas was greeted by TMZ paparazzi as she was spotted arriving at LAX after flying from Dallas into the city. She had been wearing the same exact outfit from her original video, and when asked about her caught-on-camera incident, the 38-year-old remained rather coy.


She claimed that she "cannot comment" on the meltdown, which seemed to be the same phrase she used when asked about it before. Gomas explained that she has been trying to "lay low for the most part" despite having recently launched a website and teasing an upcoming project.

Gomas did promise that she would eventually explain herself, telling TMZ that an in-depth interview from her is most likely "going to have to happen." 

"Yes, there will be, there’s something in the works, mostly nonprofit charity stuff,” Gomas told TMZ paparazzi, hinting at her new project. “I was distressed and I was getting off the plane, no matter what, I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made."


In a follow-up TikTok video, Tatiana claimed that it's peculiar that Gomas would show up for her first flight after the initial incident wearing and looking the same as she did on that flight.



"If I went viral and didn't love it [or] the way people treated me, and made memes of me. And then I wore the same exact outfit, look, earrings, hair, makeup, everything that I did when I exploded on the plane... The math ain't mathing," Tatiana insisted. "That does not make sense to me."

She continued, saying that Gomas almost looks like a character of herself, that it's weird not more people on that initial flight with her have spoken out, and that it's equally odd she is refusing to speak about what or who she claimed to have seen sitting in the back of that American Airlines flight. 


Whether or not there is some validity to these concerns and the claim that Gomas might be the one in this scenario who is "not real," it's important to remain empathetic toward her. We should allow Gomas the space and time to share her side of the story, should she choose to do so, and realize that despite wanting to know the truth, we don't. 

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