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Communication Coach Shares A Paper Personality Test That Gives You Insight Into Yourself Or Someone You Love

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If the first question you ask your partner on a first date isn’t "what’s your go-to paper," you might be missing out on a sneak peek of their true personality. So, go ahead — add this to your list of personality quizzes already stacking up on your Bookmarks tab. 

Communication Coach Zac, or @l4coach, shared his Paper Personality Test in a TikTok video.

According to the paper personality test, the type of paper you’re drawn to might provide insight into the type of person you are. 

“There’s a question I ask my clients,” the TikTok coach begins, “about which piece of paper you would prefer.” 



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While it might seem like an oddball question, the coach assures viewers that their answers are insightful to traits and characteristics you might not otherwise acknowledge. 

“While this isn’t a scientific assessment, I have found that there are some common traits amongst folks that pick a certain type of paper,” Zac explained. 

So what are the paper choices? The coach outlines four main categories: graph paper, blank printer paper, a page from a coloring book, and lined paper. 

Graph paper: organized and logical

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“They prefer to create structure for themselves,” he says about people drawn to graph paper. 

Highly logical and extremely analytical — these are tendencies for folks scribbling notes or tracking projects with graph paper. While some might find it rigid and overwhelming, the graph paper crew finds solace in the organization of a well-structured spreadsheet or grid notebook. For all the TikTokers making videos about organized note-taking, we’re looking at you. 

Alongside these notetakers, the coach assigns engineers, architects, and mathematicians to fall into the graph paper grouping. 

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Coloring book page: creative and nurturing

coloring book and colored pencilsPhoto: Jne Valokuvaus / Shutterstock

Playful and artistic: this is how the personality test defines people who choose coloring book pages as their paper of choice. 

“Don’t be afraid to be unconventional,” Zac says. “They’re looking for folks to create structure for them,” the coach says about the coloring book group in stark contrast to the group prior. 

Occupations that find themselves in this group are typically individuals in both childcare and healthcare — the people who nurture us. Whether it’s nursing or babysitting, these occupations tend to require a need for flexibility and playfulness; this group is ready to take on whatever comes their way. 

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Printer paper: independent and structured

hands holding blank paperPhoto: sebra / Shutterstock

Self-reliant, visionary, and optimistic — all personality traits that tend to align with this clean and pristine paper choice. 

“These people are independent,” he says about people who gravitate towards blank printer paper, also admitting that “they can be a little bit controlling.”

You can imagine that people who tend towards printer paper fall into many different categories, but Zac outlines that often he sees entrepreneurs, innovators, and explorers falling into this category. 

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Lined paper: disciplined and responsible

spiral notebook of lined paperShutterstock / Billion Photos

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Whether that’s your journal-loving neighbor or your own tendency to buy a new notebook every time you enter Target, personality traits like responsibility and reflectiveness encompass this group. If you’re drawn to lined paper, chances are you tend to be reflective, thoughtful, and disciplined. 

The Paper Personality Test is for entertainment purposes only.

While the coach assures viewers that the results of this Paper Personality test might not be absolute, they could be incredibly helpful for taking a guess at what the people around you are best at. 

At the office, your coworkers' tendency for lined paper might enlighten you on a consistent project they might enjoy, while your mother’s tendency for a coloring book page might assist in finally getting a Christmas present ahead of time. 

Regardless of the use, this Paper Personality test might help to start some interesting conversations or spark your own self-awareness journey.  

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