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Bride Threatens To Uninvite Brother To Her Wedding If He Doesn't Pay $25,000 For The Ceremony — 'My Brother Should Contribute More To My Wedding'

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A woman is being accused of taking the bridezilla status too far after threatening to disinvite her brother from her wedding.

Posting to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA) — an online forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument — the bride-to-be revealed that she had asked her brother for help contributing to her wedding, and was shocked by his answer.

She threatened to uninvite her brother to the wedding after demanding that he pay $25,000 for the ceremony.

In her Reddit post, she explained that she and her fiancé don't have the financial means to put aside money to have their "dream wedding." She is currently in school studying to be a history teacher while her soon-to-be-husband works in a research lab.

On top of that, the couple have a 4-year-old daughter. "We have enough money to live comfortably, but saving up money to have our dream wedding would take years," she admitted.

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Her brother, on the other hand, is incredibly well-off with a career as a hospital doctor alongside his wife. She shared that her brother and sister-in-law have no children and therefore don't understand the struggle she has with raising her daughter. 

"My brother hasn't had the same struggles of raising a child, since they both don't want any children. I don't mind the fact that they don't have kids, but they have been able to save a lot of money due to this." Since her brother makes more money than she does, she decided to go to him and ask if he would be willing to contribute to her wedding.

In response, her brother offered to give her £5,000 ($6,411) to go toward the wedding. Instead of being grateful that her brother even offered at all, she threw a fit and demanded that since he works as a doctor, he can afford to give her at least £20,000 ($25,644), but he refused.

She called her brother selfish for not giving her more money for her expensive wedding.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't make my annoyance with my brother clear, and I told him that his refusal to help pay for my wedding is selfish," she continued, adding that she threatened to uninvite him if he didn't give her more money for the ceremony. The two siblings ended up getting into an argument, and she claims that since the rest of their family contributed, his refusal just made it that much worse.

It's a bit unreasonable for someone to expect their family members to pay for their wedding, especially with the high cost of a ceremony. According to the online wedding planning site Zola, the average cost of a wedding in 2023 is $29,000, up $1,000 from 2022.

Not all families may be financially prepared to bear the full cost of such an elaborate event. Requesting significant financial contributions from family members could put them under considerable stress or financial strain.

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In the comments section, many people agreed that the bride-to-be was in the wrong for demanding her brother pay for the ceremony.

"Your brother doesn't owe you squat for YOUR wedding, and his offer of 5,000 was SUPER generous already. Your behavior is inexcusable, and you should start drafting apologies," one Reddit user pointed out.

Another user agreed, writing, "Why are you entitled to his money that he worked hard for? You should've just taken the $5k he offered to you, which is already a lot. If I were him, I wouldn't even be giving you the $5k after this.:

"You have no idea what his financial obligations are and are not entitled to a single cent of his money. Plan your wedding based on what you can afford not by how much you think you can get from other people," a third user added. 

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