Bride Mad At Guests For Staying At The Resort After Her Destination Wedding — 'This Is Not Their Vacation'

The bride seemed to care a bit too much that her guests would be staying at the same resort after her wedding.

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When you plan a destination wedding, you're asking a lot of your guests. They might have to save money or use vacation days they saved up at work. Guests are taking time out of their busy lives to travel because they care about you and your special day.

Still, not everybody has the luxury of frequent travel, and attending a destination wedding may be their only vacation for a while. Unfortunately, one bride made it clear that no one should treat her wedding like a vacation. 


The bride was livid that her guests planned to stay at the resort after her wedding.

In a wedding-planning Facebook group, a bride who is having a destination wedding said that her travel agent reached out to her because guests were asking to stay at the resort days after the wedding. The bride told her no — they were coming for her wedding, not a vacation.



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TikTok user Courtney @matrimonyhomie posted a video discussing the post on Facebook, where she gave her perspective on the situation.

"If it’s that deep, then maybe you and bae should go to a different resort for the extra days if you don’t want to bump into people," she said. "Unless you're paying for my accommodations and my flight, then you can’t tell me when to come and when to go."

Commenters on Courtney’s TikTok fully agreed with her take, adding that a destination wedding should be able to double as a vacation, especially because there is traveling involved.

"If I’m paying my coins, it’s a vacation [and] your wedding is one of the excursions I’m attending," one person wrote. Another commented, "The way I would laugh in the bride's face at the all-inclusive breakfast the next morning. If I’m taking time off work, I’m taking TIME off work."


Even other brides who had destination weddings of their own struggled to sympathize with the bride.

"I had a destination wedding and we encouraged people to stay and make a vacation out of it," a third user remarked. "If you’re using your hard-earned money to come celebrate, you should be able to enjoy as much time as you can. We picked that destination so you can enjoy it!"

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Several people added that they wouldn’t attend the wedding at all if the bride had a problem with them extending their trip.

The bride is far from the first bridezilla to have unrealistic expectations of her guests. So many brides aim for complete control of their wedding day, from implementing unending lists of rules to requesting full authority over their bridesmaid’s appearances.


Brides who act in this way often come across as entitled and controlling.

It’s understandable to want every aspect of your wedding day to be just as you imagined, but some brides take their need for control way too far, coming across as entitled.

The people you invite to your wedding — especially a destination wedding — should be those who care about you and want to celebrate and support you on one of the biggest days of your life. But they should also be people that you care about and want to spend time with.

You don’t have to share meals and lounge by the pool with your guests post-wedding, but is it really so bad to see them from across the resort? 


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Audrey Jaber is a Boston-based writer and Assistant Editor for YourTango.