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Bride Demands Sister Cut Her 'Distracting' Hair For Her Wedding — Her Sister Says It's 'Part Of My Identity'

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Wedding planning can be stressful for all parties involved — bride, groom, wedding party, doesn’t matter who. If you have a part to play, there’s a chance it can get rough.

One bridesmaid, whose sister was getting married, discovered quickly that her sister’s wedding planning process would become a stressful one once she started doling out rules for her bridesmaids.

Her sister wanted her to cut her hair before the wedding so it wouldn’t attract attention.

Posting to the subreddit “r/bridezillas,” she believed she had a real case of a bride freak out when her sister flew off the rails after she refused to cut her hair.

She decided to provide some context to the situation, explaining how it may have devolved into the situation it did and why her sister was so adamant about her hair.

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Her sister’s wedding was in a couple of months, and she said that her future husband was a “cool enough person,” so she was happy for her — until the bridesmaid's rules came out.

“Some [were] understandable (like wearing longer sleeves to cover up my tattoos, I’m fine with that),” she wrote, “but one of them was really weird and felt kind of pointed at me, everyone in the wedding party must have shorter hair than the bride by at least 6 inches.”

She explains that her hair is “super important to me” and is “a significant part of my identity,” claiming that it’s knee-length and she takes very good care of it.

The bride’s hair, however, rests at her middle back and is already longer than the rest of the bridesmaids aside from one other woman who agreed to cut her hair — she refused.

“My sister freaked out when I said I wasn’t gonna cut my hair, I offered to wear it up,” but her sister reasoned that it would be a distraction if the rest of the women wore their hair down as she wanted.

“I offered to just be at the wedding instead of in the wedding party and she began throwing a temper tantrum,” she continues, leaving the argument and then opting to talk about it later instead once she calmed down.

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Later on, her sister got her future husband to ask if she would cut her hair.

“I get a call from her fiancé who just says. ‘Hey, I know you don’t want to cut your hair, I’m sorry about that. Could you just do it for your sister? It’ll grow back,’” she explains.

She once again refused, but offered up a little more information into why she believed it was an unreasonable request — she would be spending years growing back hair just for one day of celebration.

He sighed, said he understood and called his future wife “unreasonable.”

He called again later to ask once more, but she decided that she would drop out of being a bridesmaid to avoid the trouble, causing him to sigh again and say “Yeah, I kinda figured that would happen. I’m sorry about this.”

One final call came through, but this time from the bride in question — her sister — reaching out for a compromise that she can come to the wedding as a guest but to please keep her hair up.

“I think she was expecting me to feel bad and come around cause when I said, dope I’ll just be a guest then she began crying harder and hung up,” she explained.

She believes she may not have heard the last of this predicament, “but at least I can hope that she’s given up.”

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