Boss Shares His Teen Employee's Letter Of Resignation Proving Gen-Z Is Classy & Appreciative In The Workplace

Not everyone quitting a job leaves in bitterness.

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A manager is demonstrating how quitting a job does not always have to end in bitterness after he shared a letter of resignation given to him by one of his longtime teenage employees.

While the manager admits that he’s used to resignation letters “written hastily on a napkin,” he praised the young worker for their time and dedication to providing their employer with a well-written, formal goodbye message. 


The teenage employee thanked their employer for teaching them what it means to be a dedicated worker in their resignation letter. 

The manager shared a photo of the letter written by the employee to the subreddit, r/MadeMeSmile. He referred to his employee as “a truly remarkable person” who “showed real gratitude.” 

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The A letter of resignation informs the manager that the employee will be leaving the company at the end of the summer since they will be going away to college. The employee also goes above and beyond to ensure that their team of co-workers and employers are aware of the impact they had on the teen’s life. 


“I have been so lucky to be a part of this little community of ours, and I feel so grateful to have been welcomed into the team a little over two years ago,” the letter reads. “When I joined at sixteen, my managers and co-workers introduced me to what it means to be an employee at [name of workplace] and fostered my eagerness to contribute to and be a part of their community of uniquely kind, supportive, smart, and talented people with a love for the environment.” 

“It may sound cheesy, but it’s true — I really do believe that I have adopted the core values of [name of workplace] as my own, and that adoption has prepared me immensely for the next chapter of my life.” 

The teenager reveals that they are heading off to their next adventure in life at college, and expresses that it is in their best interest to spend their remaining time at home preparing for the transition.

“I wish you all the best and I am so happy that I’ve gotten to know you all,” the teenager writes to their managers and co-workers. “Thank you so much for these great two years.” 


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The manager added that in his many years of receiving letters, this one was by far the best and that the teenage employee was going to an Ivy League school on a scholarship. 

“I joke that they are my adopted child! They are going far indeed,” he wrote. 


Having a job as a teenager is beneficial for development and work ethic, and may be more impactful than we think.

First jobs allow teenagers to learn skills that they will most likely need later on in life, including a sense of responsibility, a sense of self, and insights into what they value in a future career. 

Current teenagers who are a part of Gen Z can gain a lot from their first jobs. Many Gen Zers look for opportunities to learn, grow, be productive in the workplace, and seek to have an influence while working. These are all factors that will prepare them for their future careers and allow them to thrive in the real world. 

The teenager’s letter to their manager also proves that some Gen Z employees will forever be appreciative of the opportunities they were able to receive from their first jobs. 


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