Fans Speculate Barbie Ferreira Was ‘Kicked Out’ Of Jordan Peele’s Movie ‘Nope’ After She Deletes Promo Post

Did she get cut from the final edit?

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Many fans are talking about actress Barbie Ferreira, and whether or not she's in Jordan Peele's new horror film "Nope," after noticing certain clues following the red carpet world premiere of the movie.

The "Euphoria" star had previously posted her support for the film, in which she was due to star, but seems to have gone silent as promotion ramps up.

Is Barbie Ferreira in Jordan Peele's new movie, "Nope"?

Ferreira does star in the movie, playing a character named Nessie, but reportedly only has a minor role and appears in very few scenes.


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Back in July 2021, Peele's announcement for the cast of his upcoming film made headlines, especially when Ferreira's name was included in the lineup.

However, the star seems to be distancing herself from the project.


Barbie Ferreira has not been involved in the promotion of "Nope."

On Reddit, one user pointed out that Ferreira has been absent from the press interviews and was even absent at the film's world premiere on July 18 in Hollywood, California.

"Does anyone have any info regarding Barbie Ferreira and the movie Nope? She wasn’t at the premiere yesterday and I saw someone say she deleted the trailer and poster that she posted on her page," they wrote.

Photos from the event showed director Jordan Peele in attendance and the main cast, including Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, and Steven Yeun.

Similarly, Ferreira hasn't posted anything about the film, which releases in theaters tomorrow, July 22, anywhere on her social media.


At the beginning of July, Ferreira posted on her Instagram story that she had contracted COVID-19, which could explain why she skipped out on the premiere.

Fans on Twitter, however, have inferred that the actress might not have as big of a role in the movie as people once thought.

"ok I have to know who Barbie Ferreira plays in Nope she’s one of the first actresses listed in the cast but hasn’t been in any trailer I’ve seen yet," one user wrote.


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Another user added: "I’m very curious why we haven’t seen Barbie Ferreira’s character in Nope yet. Its either she has a small and rather irrelevant part or shes something important in the movie and showing her would give away too much…"

A third user even speculated she had been "kicked out" of the movie.

Under the Reddit post, fans shared similar thoughts about Ferreira's role not being a prominent one.

"Sounds like she might have found out her role was more or less cut (speaking from assumption)," one user wrote.

Another user, who had seen the film already, wrote: "She's in two scenes, less than ten lines tops. Just got out of a midnight showing."


Barbie Ferreira's role in "Euphoria" was also reduced this season.

People are comparing Ferreira's lack of promotion for "Nope," along with her character in the film not having that many lines, to the second season of "Euphoria," where the same thing essentially happened.

Ferreira's character, Kat, saw her role severely downplayed in season two of the HBO show after playing a prominent part in the first season.

Rumors had started brewing that there was an alleged rift between Ferreira and "Euphoria" creator Sam Levinson, which caused many of her scenes to be cut from season two, and was the reason why she was absent from the premiere and didn't appear in the trailer.


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