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Bar Fined After Offering Women Free Drinks Based On Their Bra Size — 'The Bigger The Better'

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An Australian nightclub is under fire after their poor choices in advertisement of a late-night event. 

The club offered free drinks to women who attended the event. However, there was a catch. The free drinks depended on the women’s bra size. 

The bar promised to give free drinks to women based on their bra size, with bigger cup sizes earning them a higher amount of free drinks.

The Woolshed on Hindley’s in Adelaide, Australia shared their controversial promotion of free drinks at a late-night event on social media. 

“Hanging your bra is uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose,” the post read, encouraging woman to take off their bras in exchange for free drinks. “That means you as well boys,” the post continued. 

The pub shared that women with an A-cup bra size would receive one free drink, those with B-cups would receive two, and those with C-cups would receive three. The social media post also branded the slogan, “the bigger the better.” Bras were also strung up across the bar as part of the promotion. 

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However, the pub’s method to attract customers by offering free drinks predictably backfired, with people slamming it as “sexist.” 

“This was a terrible idea from the get-go,” one Facebook user commented. “Whoever came up with it and then allowed it to be shared should be in big trouble, seriously inappropriate stuff.” 

Others noted that the situation could even become dangerous for female patrons who attend the event. 

“It’s hard enough to keep drunk men away, then add the pressure of getting ya bras off to the mix,” one user pointed out. “The minute anything gets mentioned of free drinks and bras off or the bigger the better all the feral rabid sex-crazed creeps come out lurking,” another added. 

After the never-ending criticism, Woodshed on Hindley’s canceled the event and issued an apology. 

“We sincerely apologise for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention,” the Facebook statement read. “Based on the feedback from our community we have canceled the promotion and are workshopping ideas for different promotions that promote a fun, safe inclusive environment for all.” 

They also added that moving forward, senior management will be reviewing all promotional activities to ensure a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all of their guests. 

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Despite the event cancellation, the pub was fined $3,897 for offering patrons free drinks based on bra size. 

The liquor licensing regulator at the Consumer and Business Services issued a fine to The Woolshed on Hindley Street for “lewd promotion.” 

"Theme nights and other promotions can be a great way for licensed venues to attract customers, but there must be appropriate standards which is why the General Code of Practice for liquor license holders has clear standards in place," Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio stated.

"Gender-based promotions — including those that objectify people — are not only out of line with community expectations but are in breach of this Code.” 

Promising free drinks to women with bigger breasts will not only foster body-shaming and lack of confidence, but it perpetuates the idea that a woman’s worth depends on her body type. 

Even if The Woolshed on Hindley’s did not intend to come off as sexist, their promotion certainly comes off that way. 

There are plenty of other effective ways to bring in customers through promotions and events. The bar could host themed parties based on movies and music (such as an 80s night or dress as your favorite horror movie character night). 

Promotions that do not feed into sexism and body-shaming will surely attract more customers! 

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