Jake Paul Addresses Marriage Rumors After His Girlfriend Changes Her Instagram Handle To ‘Julia Rose Paul’

Is there another YouTube wedding on the cards?

Jake Paul Julia Rose YouTube / Jake Paul

Jake Paul is sparking marriage rumors once again after his girlfriend, Julia Rose, changed her Instagram handle to “Julia Rose Paul.”

The YouTuber-turned-boxer took time out of preparing for his upcoming fight with former UFC welterweight champion, Tyson Woodley to address his relationship status.

Are Jake Paul and Julia Rose married? 

Paul addressed marriage rumors on a recent podcast interview and confirmed that he is not married… yet. 


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"We are not married,” he told Stephanie Haney. 

"But I see that coming, for sure. I got her a nice promise-ring-slash-pre-engagement ring. I plan on proposing sometime soon. But we'll see what happens.”


Paul is no stranger to marriage — or at least weddings — as he previously tied the knot with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell and fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau

Both marriages were short lived and were not legally binding but Logan Paul’s brother might have found true love at last. 

Judging by his slightly slower pace in his plans to marry Rose, it’s possible he’s taking things more seriously this time around. 

Who is Jake Paul’s girlfriend, Julia Rose? 

Rose is a model, reality TV star, podcast host and founder of erotic magazine, “SHAGMAG.” 

Paul and Rose dated on and off in 2020 but seem to be going strong since reuniting earlier this year. 


Julia Rose appeared on ‘Are You The One?’ 

Rose first found fame on MTV’s “Are You The One?” in 2016. She now hosts a podcast called “THESH*TSHOW” which has over 380,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

She also co-founded and created “SHAGMAG,” a nude magazine that could be set to achieve “PlayBoy” level of success.

“We are here to replace the bunny,” she said of the venture in 2020. 


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Julia Rose may be best known for her flashing pranks.

You might know Rose better at the “World Series flasher” for her 2019 prank in which she flashed her bare chest during game 5 of the World Series. 

The stunt reportedly cost her $80,000 in flights, tickets and more but served as a publicity stunt for her magazine.  

Julia Rose was arrested for trying to vandalize the ‘Hollywood’ sign.

In 2021, Rose was arrested during another publicity stunt in which she changed the letters on the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles to read “Hollyboob.”


The stunt was reportedly to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness month.  


Julia Rose previously dated Harry Jowsey.

During one of the off-again periods in Rose and Paul’s on-off relationship, Rose was reported to be dating “Too Hot To Handle” star Harry Jowsey.

Jowsey later accused Rose of cheating on him with Paul as Rose and Paul reunited soon after the model dumped Jowsey. 

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