Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Refusing To Buy Formula & Diapers For Neighbor's Baby After Accidentally Waking Him Up

It was an accident, after all.

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A woman went to Reddit to ask people whether she's wrong for not buying things for her neighbor’s baby after accidentally waking her up. The poster explained that she has a medical condition where her medication includes side effects such as dizziness, so she falls quite easily.

“I live in an apartment building with very thin walls and floors... I started taking a new medication lately and one of the side effects of it is dizziness, which has been a lot for me.”


She mentioned how one day she accidentally fell down and the loud noise woke her neighbor's baby.

“Yesterday I was sitting at my table and spilled my water onto the floor. When I got up to clean up the water, I got dizzy, lost my balance and slipped on the water.”

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The woman's neighbor called her and started yelling that she had woken up the baby.

The girl’s neighbor was less than pleased as she started yelling after calling her. “She began yelling at me, asking me what that huge thud was and how I woke her baby up from his nap.”


The woman then explained that she accidentally fell down and even apologized for it. However, the angry mother was not buying it, adding, “She kept on rambling about how furious she was, and how her baby’s health is important, and how she wanted a break etc etc etc.”

The mother even went as far as asking the woman to pay for the baby’s supplies!

“She then tells me that she wants me to walk to the store and buy her formula, diapers, and a toy. She specified that she wanted me to use my own money as it’s part of 'my punishment' for waking up her baby.”

However, the woman refused to accept her unreasonable requests. She mentioned that she's a minor and was not going to leave her house as it was heavily snowing outside. Even then, she apologized once more and hung up.


The woman eventually told her parents about it. While her parents were understanding of her, they did think she should have been more careful.

“They said that ultimately she was out of line for talking to me the way she did but that I needed to be more careful and that I shouldn’t have fell so hard, as well as I should have been more careful around my water.”

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But racism is also an issue in this situation.

A user suggested that she should report the neighbor if she's a big issue, writing,“But seriously if she’s an issue and your landlord isn’t helping enough look up local laws for disability...”


To which the woman commented on the issue of racism and how that could play into the situation.

“I don’t want to bring race into it or anything, but this apartment building is very community building... my area in general, has been talked about for racism," she added.

She further mentioned, "My neighbor is a stuck-up white woman and my family is black. I just have a sneaking suspicion that whoever is in charge of this won’t handle it like they should”

Internet users slammed the mother for making such unreasonable demands.

It seems like all the comments were in support of the woman as the requests made by the mother were quite unreasonable and unfair.


One user wrote, “That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. What if you had a stroke or seizure? The idea that it's somehow your fault is absurd. And even if you accidentally drop something, loud noises happen. You still aren't responsible for anything.”

Another user wrote, “You can't really control how hard you fall, nor is it your fault that everything can be heard so prominently downstairs.”

Some people even commented on how the mother is bullying a minor, saying, “She thinks it’s ok to bully a minor? She hears a loud crash upstairs and takes it upon herself to call you and give you grief instead of asking if everyone’s ok and if you need medical attention?”


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