Mom Accidentally Lists Her Baby For Sale On Facebook Marketplace Saying ‘Need Gone Today’

Watch what you post!

Lucy Battle and her son, Oscar Facebook

Lucy Nicola Battle recently bought a new couch for her home in Leeds, England, and wanted to get rid of her old sofa — so she took to the Facebook marketplace to list it for sale.

“Sofa suite” read the item that was listed for one British pound on the public group called “Morley folk and those from surrounding areas,” only the header photo for the listing wasn’t of the “Sofa suite” she was trying to get rid of.


Lucy Nicola Battle accidentally listed her baby for sale on a Facebook marketplace.

The humor of the mistake is further emphasized by the description of the listing, which read “Need gone today,” which most people thought was about the child in question.

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Once people started bombarding her with messages and comments, she was mortified by what she had done and was thoroughly embarrassed — even though everyone was being a very good sport about it.

“Thanks for all been nice though and understanding this was a genuine mistake I don’t want to give away my child, thought this would go other way when I realized ffs,” she commented on the post. “Don’t I feel a bad mum now!”

Her accidental upload of the picture of her seven-month-old son Oscar caused a huge commotion, almost all having a laugh at the situation.

Luckily, most found humor in the post.

"I just somehow managed to upload the wrong photo when I was choosing them from my camera roll and unfortunately it was of Oscar!” she told LeedsLive in an interview. "I realized when everyone started commenting and messaging me and then I couldn't delete it either.”


Parents similarly joked about trading their children with her. “Does he sleep?” read one of the comments. “If so fancy an exchange for a very cute one that doesn't

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“What’s he like with other babies?” read a comment. “Can I swap for a teenager?” read another.

"It worked out though because one of the messages was someone actually enquiring about the sofa!” she exclaimed. “But most of them were people making jokes about me giving away my son.”

Although the jokes are quite funny and the situation is very laughable, someone had a realization that maybe parents should have some way to swap their kids since an alarming amount of parents asked for a trade.


“All I am learning here is there seems to be a need for a children swap-meet,” read the comment from another parent.

All jokes aside, the lovely couch (not the child) found a new, loving home as a result of all the chaos the post brought to the group.

"The person that came to collect the sofa didn't make an offer for him though,” she told the Yorkshire Evening Post, “they just wanted the couch."


The post was likely to have made a lot of peoples’ days and caught fire in local newspapers and websites, shining a bright light on everyone’s ability to find the humor in Battle’s tiny little mistake.

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