The 'Hand Out' Psychological Test Tells You Quite A Bit About Yourself In Less Than 1 Minute

The test supposedly gives some insight into your subconscious using only your hand.

Felicia explains the "hand out" test to her Tiktok audience. TikTok via @feliciaforthewin

In a post shared to the video-sharing app TikTok, Felicia, the host of her eponymous podcast show "Felicia For The Win," explained a psychological test designed to tap into your subconscious mind. She dubs it the "hand out test," and she claims it's "supposed to tell you a lot about yourself."

In less than one minute, the 'hand out' test supposedly tells you quite a bit about yourself.

"Stop whatever you're doing right now and put your hand out," Felicia explained in the video. "Once you have your palm up, close your eyes. Imagine me putting something into your palm."


Now, you have to imagine the sensory behind this object — its texture, its weight, smell, etc.

"Now, once you have a clear picture of what this thing is that I put into your palm, open your eyes and let me know what it was. This is designed to let you know what it is that you are subconsciously wanting and desiring," she said.



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A very common object imagined from this test is a key. She explained that it means the imaginer is "subconsciously looking for access," this could mean a group of friends, a new job or even into "someone's heart."

In a follow-up video, Felicia delved into some more common answers and what they might reveal about you.

For those who envisioned a spider or a bug, Felicia explained, "If you are afraid of the bug that you imagined me putting into your palm, this means that you are a very cautious person or someone who naturally expects the worst." 



One person remarked in the comments that they imagined a bug, but it didn't carry the same weight as Felicia's interpretation. 


"I imagined a furry caterpillar, but it was chilling and so was I. I wasn't scared," they wrote. Caterpillars evolve into butterflies, so imagining a chill caterpillar in your hand might be symbolic of you being ready for change.

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Money had two distinct interpretations, depending on the form. "If it was coins, then you might be going through a rough time right now financially," Felicia explained, which resonated with one commenter, who wrote, "I imagined a £2 coin. Feel very called out cause currently homeless and trying to save for a deposit."

On the other hand, "If it was dollar bills, then that means that you are expecting to get a lot of money coming your way soon," Felicia said.


Food also played an interesting role in the test. Felicia discussed two common types: an apple, representing health consciousness, and an egg, symbolizing the expectation of big responsibility. 

She said, "if you imagined me putting an apple into your palm, then you have probably been either watching a bunch of different videos or TikToks about health and healthy foods and how to eat properly. Or you are just typically a very health-conscious person."

While an egg, on the other hand, clarified that even though it's a healthy food, it's a delicate thing to hold in your hand.


The symbolism didn't stop there. She explained that weapons symbolize difficulty and that natural objects reflect a desire for peace.

Her test entertained and provided a unique lens through which viewers could explore their inner worlds.

Despite what one's opinions of the validity of the test may be, it can be a good way to take a moment for introspection and explore what has been on your mind lately.

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