Police Seen Digging On Property Where Missing 7-Year-Old Harmony Montgomery Was Last Seen In 2019

She lived here with her father before going missing.

Harmony Montgomery, house in Manchester, NH Facebook / Twitter

Police and FBI officers investigating the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery are reportedly preparing to dig up the garden of the home where she was last seen.

The 7-year-old girl was reported missing in late 2021 but has not been seen since 2019 when she was living at her father’s home in Manchester, New Hampshire.

For the last number of days, law enforcement appear to have been focusing their search at the property where Harmony lived with her biological father Adam Montgomery. 


Montgomery was arrested and charged in connection with his daughter's disappearance but the child’s location remains unknown.

Police were seen digging in the garden of Harmony Montgomery’s former home.

Aerial footage shows that tents have been set up around the property and digging has begun in some areas of the garden.

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A reporter on the scene, Brian Entin, also said on Monday, January 10 that the FBI Evidence Response Team arrived at the home after police thawed frozen ground in the backyard using hot water pipes. 


The road leading to 77 Gilford St was closed off as the search continued. The current homeowners have no connection to the case.

Neighbors described Harmony as a quiet and polite child and – like many – raised concerns about her safety leading up to her mother reporting her missing. 


Adam Montgomery has not revealed where Harmony is.

The father is being held in jail on charges of  second-degree assault, two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child, as well as one misdemeanor charge of interference with custody.

This followed allegations from his brother that Montgomery had physically abused Harmony before her disappearance.

Montgomery has reportedly not disclosed his daughter’s whereabouts and has been inconsistent in his explanations for when she was last seen. 

When the police first found him, he allegedly told them Harmony was fine and he had seen her “somewhat recently.”

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However, he later claimed he had not seen his daughter since her mother, Crystal Sorey, came to pick her up around Thanksgiving 2019. Sorey “outright denied” this ever happened.

Montgomery’s estranged wife and Harmony’s stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, was also arrested and charged with welfare fraud. 

She is accused of collecting more than $1,500 in food stamp benefits for Harmony, even though Harmony was no longer living with her and Adam.


Crystal Sorey believes Harmony Montgomery is still alive.

“I don’t feel like she’s gone. I just don’t feel that in my heart... And a mother knows, a mother knows if your baby’s here or not. I know she’s here,” Sorey said at a vigil for her daughter.

She also says that the little girl was “failed by everybody” and has been critical of child protective services for not keeping track of Montgomery’s location while she was in the custody of her father.

Police have also said they are continuing to treat the case as if Harmony is still alive unless evidence is found that suggests otherwise. 

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