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Harmony Montgomery's Uncle Shares Details Of The Abuse He Witnessed In 2019 Before She Went Missing

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Kevin Montgomery, uncle of missing girl Harmony Montgomery, has spoken out about the abuse he witnessed before the 7-year-old disappeared in 2019 (when she was 5).

Harmony’s father, Adam Montgomery, 31, was recently arrested and charged in connection with his daughter's disappearance.

Montgomery was charged with second-degree assault, two misdemeanor charges of endangering the welfare of a child, as well as one misdemeanor charge of interference with custody.

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Kevin allegedly received no help from the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families.

Kevin told WFLA News Channel 8 about his concern for his niece and the lack of help he received from the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).

Court documents show that Kevin contacted DCYF in July of 2019 after observing Harmony with a black eye, as well as being “forced to stand in the corner for hours.”

“DCYF failed my niece,” he said. 

Former FBI agent Jennifer Coffindaffer recounted the information that Kevin Montgomery shared with her about the abuse he witnessed. 

“Just tragic what this young girl endured,” Coffindaffer stated. “Specifically talking about her toothbrush, using it to not only clean the bathroom, which is bad enough, but actually the toilet.” 

Coffindaffer explained how Kevin Montgomery told her that Harmony was “made to stand for hours in a corner until she would actually relieve herself on herself.”



Kevin Montgomery allegedly stated that the physical abuse that Harmony received was the worst of all. Coffindaffer described that even listening to the abuse Harmony endured was “terrible.”

“When he talked about the actual physical abuse, he described that as ‘the worst’, and that was beatings as well as striking of the face.”

Kevin reportedly equated the treatment of Harmony to that of a “mistreated dog”. 

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When did Harmony Montgomery disappear? 

Although Harmony’s biological mother, Crystal Sorey, had not spoken to or seen Harmony since Easter of 2019, the young girl was not officially reported missing until November 2021. 

Sorey lost custody of Harmony and her younger brother in 2018 due to substance abuse problems. Harmony’s younger brother, Jamison, was adopted by Jonathon Miller and his wife Blair, who attempted to also adopt Harmony

Unfortunately, the couple were told that they could not adopt Harmony because she was under her father and step-mother’s care. 

Sorey last had contact with her daughter in 2019 when she spoke to her on FaceTime. She said Harmony “seemed frightened” during their last interaction. Adam Montgomery then cut off all contact between Sorey and Harmony, but Sorey still attempted to contact her child over the years. 

“We loved her, a lot of us that loved her didn’t have rights,” Kevin said. “We didn’t have rights to make the parental decisions.”

Adam Montgomery was arrested on January 4, 2022, but Harmony still remains missing. 

Adam’s wife, Kayla Montgomery, shared that the last time she saw Harmony was late 2019 when her husband said he was driving Harmony to stay with her mother in Massachusetts. 

When Adam was arrested and questioned about Harmony, he stated that she was alright and he had seen her “somewhat recently.”

Police are still actively searching for Harmony. 

The FBI field office in Boston is currently assisting the Manchester Police Department in the investigation and searching for Harmony.

A reward of up to $94,000 is currently being offered for any information that could help find Harmony. 

“I get it two years behind the eight ball it’s a long time to be in a race when you’re two years behind the person that started the race and I understand that,” Kevin Montgomery said.

In a statement given by the Manchester police, they stated that Harmony Montgomery “is а 7-yeаr-old white femаle, аbout 4 feet tаll, 50 pounds, with blonde hаir, blue eyes, аnd glаsses.”

The statement also asks that anyone with informаtion аbout Hаrmony’s whereаbouts contаct the Mаnchester Police Depаrtment аt (603) 792-5561 or Detective Jаck Dunleаvy аt (603) 792-5561.

There is also the option to call the Mаnchester Crimeline аt 603-624-4040 to remаin аnonymous, as well as the Harmony Montgomery tip line at 603-203-6060.

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