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Woman Admits To Killing Newborn Baby By Throwing Him From Balcony Hours After Giving Birth

Photo: Facebook & Clay County Detention Center
Amber Bowling Throws Newborn Baby Over Balcony

A Kentucky woman has pleaded guilty to killing her newborn baby in 2018 after an investigation uncovered heinous details about the infant's death.

She is facing up to 40 years in prison.

Amber Bowling admitted to throwing the newborn from a balcony.

Bowling, who was residing in Machester, Kentucky at the time of the crime says she put her son in a garbage bag and threw him from a second-story balcony of her apartment building in December 2018.

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The then-21-year-old had given birth hours before but has not revealed the motive for the murder.

The baby was found by a neighbor in the apartment building.

Paul Herd, a man who had been living in the building found a garbage bag by the stairs near his apartment when he was coming home from work.

Herd took the baby into his house in an attempt to save him, however, the newborn died soon after he called the police to report the crime.

Due to the fall, the baby suffered an internal brain bleed due to cranial fractures and suffered from broken bones.

The autopsy report stated that the baby died from traumatic injuries.

Herd’s son talked about how traumatized he was by this particular event. He said, “I couldn’t sleep at night knowing, just seeing what he’s seen, over and over in your mind again.” 

The police charged Amber Bowling with murder and arrested her the next day.

The officers in charge of the case arrested Bowling the next day. Even they were horrified at such an incident taking place.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Lloyd Cochran said, “It’s heartbreaking. Baffles your mind thinking about who could have done this and why.”

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Another officer also expressed her sadness for the newborn and explained there were other ways Bowling could have dealt with her newborn rather than throwing him off a second-story balcony.

“Why didn’t she take that child to the hospital and say, ‘I can’t raise it?’ There [are] families waiting on these kids,” said Clay County Sheriff Angie Johnson.

Kentucky has a Safe Haven Law that would have protected the mother and the baby.

Kentucky has an infant law that would have allowed Bowling to give up her baby legally and safely.

According to Kentucky’s Safe Infants Act, any parent who doesn’t want or is incompetent to raise a baby can leave the newborn at a hospital, fire station or a police station.

The law permits parents to leave babies who are 30 days or younger in safe places and neither the parent nor the police are summoned.

If the parent doesn’t get in touch with family services within 30 days, their rights as a parent are revoked and the baby is given up for adoption.

Bowling's hearing in court is set for June 27 and she could receive up to 40 years in prison.

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