Woman Accused Of Killing Cheating Boyfriend By Running Him Over With Her Car After Tracking Him To A Bar

Revenge went too far.

Indiana woman ran car over cheating boyfriend 3 times Facebook/Ink Drop & Yevhen Prozhyrko/Shutterstock

A woman is being accused of killing her boyfriend by running him over after learning he was cheating on her.

The Indiana woman, Gaylyn Morris, allegedly hit her boyfriend, Andre Smith, with her car after tracking him through an Apple AirTag on June 3.

Gaylyn Morris is accused of driving over her boyfriend three times after finding him with another woman.

Morris found Smith in a bar in Indianapolis with another woman. When Morris first found the two inside the bar, she allegedly tried to attack the other woman with a wine bottle. However, she was unable to cause any damage to the woman as Smith stopped her.


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After causing the ruckus, the three of them were asked to leave the pub by the staff. However, Morris didn’t stop there as after leaving the pub, she allegedly got in her car and hit Smith in the parking lot.


A witness who had been nearby stated that they saw Morris hit Smith with her car. Smith then fell to the ground after being hit for the first time. 

They said, “And he went down, at which time... [Morris] then backed over him and then pulled forward and hit him for the third time.”

Morris allegedly got out of her car and tried to go after the other woman, however, the police got to her and arrested her before she could.

When the police got to the scene, they found Smith dead. The police mentioned in a news release, “Officers arrived and located Mr. Smith laying on the ground underneath a vehicle, it appeared he was struck by the vehicle.”


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After Morris was arrested, she was taken to Marion County Jail and will be charged with murder. 

The woman claimed that she found her boyfriend by tracking him via an Apple AirTag.

When asked how Morris found Smith, she stated that she tracked him via Apple AirTag. 

Apple AirTags are small coin-shaped devices that can be added to personal items such as keys or backpacks. Apple users can track them with their iPhones in case their things are lost or stolen.

People have raised issues with the device, such as tracking people. However, when the device was released in 2021, Apple assured people that it is quite secure and that it has precautions. 


Apple stated that if the device is on a person without the owner of the device nearby, an alarm would go off. The person would be alerted that an Apple AirTag is nearby. 

However, some users have mentioned that sometimes, the alarm could take up to a couple of hours or days to go off.  

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