Harmony Montgomery’s Mother Believes Her Father ‘Sold’ Daughter & Claims He Abused Her While Pregnant

She still believes she is alive.

Adam Montgomery, Harmony Montgomery, Crystal Sorey Manchester New Hampshire Police Department / Facebook

The biological mother of Harmony Montgomery has spoken out about what she believes happened to her missing daughter.

Crystal Sorey last saw her daughter, who would now be 7 years old, in 2019 over a FaceTime call while Harmony was in the custody of her father, Adam Montgomery, in Manchester, New Hampshire. 

Police have been investigating Harmony’s disappearance since she was reported missing in November 2021. 


Adam Montgomery was arrested in early January on charges related to alleged abuse against Harmony and her disappearance.

Harmony Montgomery’s mom believes Adam Montgomery sold their daughter.

Speaking in an interview, Sorey says she thinks Adam decided to sell Harmony after the child’s brother was legally adopted after being in foster care.

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“I think he sold her because the same week that they're saying this happened — the day after Thanksgiving to December 6 — was the week after my son legally got adopted on the news,” Sorey explains.


Adam told police that he had not seen Harmony since handing her over to her mother around Thanksgiving in 2019 – Sorey denies that this encounter occurred.

“He knew what my son looked like... He saw that and I really think that's connected," she added. I think he got that idea from seeing that and was like 'Oh, I can do it illegally.'"

Crystal Sorey says Adam Montgomery was abusive during their relationship.

When asked about whether Harmony’s father had a history of violence, Sorey claimed she had been a victim of his abuse.


"Yeah, when I was in a relationship with him. He used to choke me. [When] I was pregnant with her, he choked me," she explained.

Adam’s brother, Harmony’s uncle, informed police that he had seen Harmony with a black eye and accused her father of abusing her while she was in his custody.

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Sorey also said that, while Harmony was in her custody, a play therapist made a report that implied Adam was abusing Harmony during visitations. 

Harmony’s mother explained why it took so long to report her missing.

Sorey explained that, as she didn’t have custody of her daughter, her rights were limited. 


"I thought she was with her dad and he was just being a jerk and that's what I hoped was happening. In my head, I knew something was wrong, something was very wrong," she says.

Sorey said that her concerns about her daughter were ignored due to the fact that was a recovering drug addict.

"I'm not going to sit here and act like I'm innocent. I'm a recovering addict. When I gave birth to her, I didn't know anything [sic] about being a parent. I didn't know anything about getting in recovery. But I never stopped trying," she added. 

Sorey believes that Harmony is alive and hopes that the publicity on the case will help bring answers.


“I still believe she’s here. I think he has her either with his mother who no one knows anything about,” she says, “A mother knows, you know when your baby is not here anymore.”

“Come forward and tell us something because somebody knows something."

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