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Father Arrested Over Killing Of 18-Year-Old Son's Alleged Murderer

Photo: New Orleans Police Department / GoFundMe
Bokio Johnson, Caleb Johnson, Truck

It is the worst nightmare for any parent to lose a child, particularly by something that they can convince themselves that they should have prevented.

All parents have thoughts about terrible things that could happen to their children, and the idea of outliving them is undoubtedly torturous.

Unfortunately, outliving one’s child is the reality for many, including Bokio Johnson, whose child was allegedly killed after being shot by 21-year-old Hollis Carter.

Bokio Johnson allegedly sought revenge against his son’s killer.

In New Orleans, Hollis Carter was reportedly in his car with his mother waiting at a red light on March 23, 2022, when gunshots rang out.

Another vehicle had allegedly rolled up past Carter’s vehicle when the driver of the vehicle opened up with multiple rounds into Carter’s car. Carter was shot in the head and died while his mother was shot multiple times and is in critical condition.

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A nearby Pastor named Mike Smith witnessed the aftermath of the shooting and said that the mother escaped the car.

Once she was out of the vehicle, Smith said that she “was hurt, she couldn’t feel her legs, and they called the police. She kept saying, 'my baby, he’s in the car, is he ok?' They didn’t tell her that he was deceased, they just sent her to the hospital.”

Carter was out on bond and awaiting trial for shooting and killing both 18-year-old Caleb Johnson and his stepsister, Breyiana Brown.

Bokio Johnson was later arrested in connection with the shooting.

Johnson was the father of the late Caleb Johnson and seemingly decided that he would take justice into his own hands, gunning Carter down and critically wounding his mother.

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Notably, Carter’s mother seems to have had no connection to the shooting of Caleb Johnson and Breyiana Brown.

Once arrested, Johnson was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.

Many are sounding off about Bokio Johnson’s actions online.

Given Johnson’s grief and the reasoning for his actions, it seems that there is a lot of support for the mourning father online, some even going so far as to call the shooting “street justice.”

A GoFundMe has also been started for Bokio Johnson’s legal fees.

Carter's mother, by all accounts, seems to have been an innocent party in everything and did nothing to deserve getting riddled with bullets.

No sane person can deny Johnson's pain, his son was, by all accounts, an innocent victim, but Carter hadn't had his day in court yet, and now another parent has lost a child and may yet lose her life.

This is the result of vigilanteism, innocent people get hurt and justice is not truly served.

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