7 Clear Signs It's Time For A Job Change

Don't let a stale job hold you back from your potential.

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For most adults, having to work is an unavoidable part of life. Yet just because jobs are necessary doesn’t mean that you have to feel miserable every time you clock in.

Listening to what your mind and body are saying when it comes to your attitude toward working is an important way to know if your job is still right for you.

Here are 7 clear signs it’s time to change jobs:

1. You’re afraid

If you feel anxious at work, it could be a sign from your nervous system that something isn’t quite right. 


There are certain kinds of anxiety that are productive. That means the feeling pushes us to be the best version of ourselves. 

But if you’re avoiding new tasks or having trouble advocating for your needs to be met at work, it could be your mind’s way of telling you that you should find a new job.



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2. You’re bored

Being bored is a clear sign that you’ve outgrown your job. 

Not feeling challenged or energized by what you do means you’ve slipped into a lull, one it’s time to break away from. If you find that you’re not seeking out new projects, it could mean you’re ready for something new.



When you feel passionate about something, you’ll stay engaged, motivated, and curious.


3. You’re distracted

If you find yourself doing anything but your work, it could mean you’re well on your way to being over your job.

It’s normal to check your texts and watch a cute puppy video to decompress in between meetings, but if you’re on your phone all day long or missing important deadlines, you should probably consider finding a new position. 

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Take time to consider what your professional goals are, and ask yourself if your current job is helping you meet those goals. If the answer is “no,” think about other paths you can travel.

4. You’re too comfortable

There’s a reason stepping outside of your comfort zone feels exciting, even if it makes you feel nervous: Staying in a position where you feel super comfortable, almost too comfortable, can lead to feeling lazy or unmotivated. 

Staying in a growth mindset is impossible if you’ve settled into the status quo at work.

If you’re no longer taking on tough projects and only giving your minimum effort to squeak by, you’re probably ready for something new.




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5. You’re procrastinating 

Sometimes, having trouble starting tasks can be a sign of neurodivergence, like having ADHD. Yet, other times, you procrastinate because you just don’t feel inspired to do the tasks in front of you.

Procrastination is a difficult road to put yourself on. One minute, you’re not doing anything, and the next minute, you’re cramming to get everything done by the time it’s due.




6. You’re burnt out

Burnout at work occurs when you push yourself past your limits, ignoring your own boundaries. Sometimes, burnout happens because your boss calls you after work hours are over, or the expectations of your workplace are set impossibly high.

Being burnt out can result in major physical and mental health issues , and it can affect the quality of your relationships outside of work.



If you feel burnt out, the first step is to take a break from work for a while to decompress and recalibrate. The next step is to reassess your job as a whole. Does it leave you feeling fulfilled or not? If not, it might be time to move on. 


7. You don’t feel accomplished

While some career coaches advocate for only doing the bare minimum at work, it’s also important to feel like your work matters, at least to yourself. 

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If you feel like you haven’t gotten anything of value done in the last six months, you should consider finding a new role.

While we shouldn’t necessarily build our entire lives or our sense of self around our jobs, there’s merit to enjoying what you spend 40 hours a week doing. 

You deserve to spend your time in a role that makes you feel good, so don’t hesitate to move on when the time is right. 

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