2 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Experience Abundance On May 31, 2024

Awaken to your greatness.

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Everyone is born with their own unique gifts, whether that's a knack for learning, helping others or even having a keen business sense. Knowing this, you already possess everything you need to attract abundance into your life. Many times, life and all you go through while living it can blind you to your inner greatness, the divine gifts coursing through your soul — so all it takes is one moment of awakening. Give yourself one moment of clarity to see how you can manifest everything you’ve always wanted.


Mercury and Uranus unite together in Taurus on Friday, May 31, joining forces and operating as one strong, energetic wave to help you awaken to your own personal greatness. Mercury governs matters of communication, which isn’t just in the words you speak to others but also in how you speak to yourself, which can also affect the truth you are willing or ready to see. Uranus operates as a lightning bolt, striking when least expected and changing events in an instant. As Mercury and Uranus unite in Taurus, a moment of shocking clarity and awakening will allow you to see yourself and your life differently, the catalyst for you to begin living the life of your dreams.


2 zodiac signs most likely to experience abundance on May 31, 2024

1. Pisces

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There has been a strong focus on your words, both spoken and written, for the past year as Jupiter moved through the sign of Taurus. This has led to exciting new projects in your life, whether on social media or in the publishing world. As much as you have done in this area of your life, it’s not ending just because Jupiter is now in Gemini. Instead, you will begin to see the rewards for your past efforts multiplying as you embrace more of your divine purpose in this life.

Mercury and Uranus unite in Taurus on Friday, May 31, in your house of communication, bringing awareness around a new idea, project, or unexpected offer. In Taurus, this aspect is all about what you have to say. It also carries the importance of making sure that you not only are embracing your truth but also being authentic in your presence in the world. Mercury and Uranus in Taurus are trying to awaken you to the gift that only you possess, one that is a part of your soul’s purpose and carries enormous significance in the world. Being open to receiving innovative ideas and ready to work on them along with any surprising new opportunities allows you to continue working in this area of your life.


When you decide not to do what is popular or what others may like of you, you create a new way of being in the world. This allows you to practice greater authenticity, which also helps you tune into your divine gifts more. So, in anything that you produce, whether a podcast or blog, you are working with the universe every step of the way, which is precisely what will help you attract greater abundance in your life. Don’t worry about editing your voice right now; simply practice being your true self.

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2. Leo

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You have embraced a great deal of changes in your professional life in the past year. This may have led to a new position or working remotely or internationally, as you’ve been stretched to see that the universe's plans will always be far greater than your own. The work here isn’t done just yet, as you are now going to not only receive recognition for past efforts, but you will also be able to create an exciting new chapter in the professional realm.

On Friday, May 31, Mercury and Uranus unite in Taurus, bringing in a sudden redirection or insight into your career aspirations. Taurus is the ruler of your house of career, recognition, and the wealth you create through this area of your life. Mercury in Taurus is not only helping you excel at any projects you are currently working on, but as it joins together with Uranus, there will be a new opportunity or insight that will help you gain greater confidence in the path ahead. Be sure to trust these shifts as they occur, knowing that you are being led in a more positive and abundant direction — and most of all, don’t hesitate to believe that life can become even better.

You have a great deal of personal drive when it comes to your career, which allows you not only to pivot but also remain open to recent changes and developments. While you are enjoying all you have already created, make sure that you see this as just a pause and not the final destination, as there is something important coming your way that could impact your career. This moment of awakening or clarity could very well deliver a once-in-a-lifetime inspiration that can help you manifest the success and wealth that is destined for you.

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator.