3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Could Experience Hardship On June 2

This is not what we signed on for.

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June 2, 2024, starts the momentum by having us come to terms with what we might call a 'controlling' relationship. What started on equal footing seems to have swayed to the side of one party. If we are the ones feeling controlled, it will be during the transit of the Moon conjunct Mars that we make it known that this is not something we will stand for.

Three zodiac signs will come to their senses around this time, as this is seriously not what a relationship is supposed to be about, and we don't like the idea that we let ourselves be led around by the nose. At first, we might have thought we pleased our partner, but it's gotten out of hand and transits like Moon conjunct Mars really bring out our self-protective and intelligent side.

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So, it will be on June 2 that these three zodiac signs finally feel brave enough to speak up and tell this controlling partner of theirs that this is not what they signed on for, as this is no longer what they will continue to play along with. In other words, the Moon conjunct Mars makes it so that we can come to our senses and return to being the people we are rather than the controlled creatures we've become. Nope, it's not happening.


3 zodiac signs whose relationships could experience hardship on June 2

1. Scorpio

Because you've gone through a period where you weren't all that sure of who exactly you are, meaning that you've been confused about what the next move in your life should be, you took on a relationship where the other person 'guided' you towards what they thought you should be, and you went along with it. While you may be a very forceful Scorpio, you are still a vulnerable person, and yes, even you can sometimes feel confused about your life.

On Sunday, June 2, you may find that the transit of the Moon conjunct with Mars does just a little too much to your psyche. The stimulation you feel at this point has you figuring out that, while your person seems to mean well, they've really just started to take over, and you know you don't want to be controlled. You're happy to take advice and suggestions. However, things are getting out of hand, and you don't like it.

This may be the day you end it with this person, and that will take an enormous amount of courage from you. That's where Moon conjunct Mars comes in to rev your engines and splash you in the face with that ice-cold water surprise. You don't want to be controlled, and this isn't fair. You don't want a relationship that isn't balanced, and what you've got going on now does not seem balanced at all.

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2. Virgo

What you've noticed is not so much that your partner is controlling but that their lack of initiative ends up controlling you anyway. In other words, your partner is manipulative without appearing bossy and pushy. They always get what they want and make it so by not acting. If enough time goes by, you, in your functional way, take over, and you get the job done.

This annoys you because you don't feel like you're here to carry their weight. However, if all they do is kick back and wait for you to do all the work, and you do it, then guess who's in control here? They are Scorpio, and on Sunday, June 2, you'll call it quits on this controlling relationship. You are not here to babysit a romantic partner, nor are you their parent; this is not supposed to be this way.

During Moon conjunct Mars, there's no going back. Once you start the machine on this one, it will go and go until you (or they) are out the door. Your sudden surge of power lets you know you are ready to take this chance. Even though this isn't what you wanted out of a love relationship, you're ready to end it, as you cannot live like this anymore.

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3. Cancer

The last thing in this world that you like, admire, or accept is being controlled by any other living being. It's just not you, and when it comes to your love life, it's absolutely unacceptable. What's really bothering you right now, on June 2, is the idea that you've invested so much time and energy into this one person, and you truly do love them. Yet, their behavior has started to become self-destructive.

When the Moon conjunct Mars is in the sky, we pick up on things like self-destructive behavior. We realize that when someone we love is in this much pain, it not only affects us but it cripples us, and that's what's happening with you, Cancer. Your partner is slowly destroying themselves; you can't stop it, and they don't seem to care.

This is how they control you. It hurts you and makes you want to rebel. While you are dedicated to them and wish them the very best, you also know that you don't want to be a party to their self-destruction because you've noticed that they aren't considering how you feel in all this. This helps you decide to get away from this kind of manipulation.


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