The Universe Tests The Close Friendships Of 3 Zodiac Signs On May 31

In friendships, as in love relationships, conflicts will arise now and then.

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When best friends spend a long enough time together, there are bound to be moments when differences seem to outweigh commonalities. One thing we all know is that even among the strongest and longest friendships, people just change. It's in our makeup. While the friendship may last, the conflicts that come up now and then could be severe. On Friday, May 31, one such conflict will take place between friends born under these three zodiac signs. One person thinks and feels dedicated to one way while the other person is radically against that idea and feels disgusted or shocked. 


Will the friendships remain strong? Yes, they will — and what we'll see during the Aries moon conjunct Saturn is that we can forgive our friend's opinion, way, style or belief and keep our feelings to ourselves for the sake of the friendship. We may feel 90 percent against what they are into, but that remaining 10 percent is the glue that's kept us together for so many years. That's a bond we're not willing to let go of.

The universe tests the strength of 3 zodiac signs' friendships on May 31

1. Gemini

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You and your best pal have been through it all, and part of what keeps the relationship strong is that you've both come to the same conclusion about certain things in your life. You both want to stay on the right track and do what's best for yourself. Yet, during the Aries moon conjunct Saturn transit, you'll find that this friend of yours seems to want more. This disturbs you. Weren't they supposed to be just like you, in total agreement with you every day, in every way? 

While you're accepting of change, you are also disturbed by it because you trusted that one particular friend would stay 'exactly' like you and not deviate from the intended path. Yet, they seem to have interests that call them to a slightly different path, one you are not willing to tread upon.

Luckily, you're full of acceptance on May 31. You have come to understand that what you have with this very special person is not a stagnant state. It's a fluid experience, and while you've been resistant to change over the years, you've now come to understand the meaning behind the ageless expression, "To each their own." Live and let live — that's how you get to keep good friendships, Gemini.

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2. Virgo

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You are so attached to your opinion that you don't realize how much you've changed in the eyes of a friend who depended on you to stay the same. While that doesn't sound appealing to you at all, you're also starting to see that during the Aries Moon conjunct Saturn, you've perhaps gone too far with your adamant opinions and staunch takes on things like world affairs or politics.

Nothing ruins a friendship faster than an inability to spare the other person your political opinion, day in and day out. You are absolutely entitled to all you feel and believe in, and truly, more power to you — but if your best buddy is not totally in synch with you on your opinion, must you make them feel like leaving the planet just to get away from you? Splitting the difference is what's needed on May 31, 2024.


Not voicing your opinion every time you see your friend shows you that you're still the same person who can still love them without agreeing on politics. You have your opinion, and they have theirs — so what? Isn't that the spice of life, this variety of thinking? Yes, it is, and you'll find peace during the Aries moon, knowing that the friendship can and will remain strong if you let it.

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3. Scorpio

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A disagreement with a friend could potentially blow up simply because you don't agree on something that you believe is fact and that they believe is fiction. It's not like this has never happened before. In fact, you've got that kind of push-and-pull relationship. It's part of what you love about this person. The ability to spar in a friendly way keeps you on your toes where this friendship is concerned.

Still, during the Aries moon, it's quite easy to let things get out of hand. You may end up wanting to storm off in a huff, letting the other person 'eat your dust' as you maintain this idea that only you can be right on this matter. Well, you may have to agree to disagree this time, Scorpio, because your good pal feels just as strongly as you do about their own take on whatever it is you're arguing over.

Luckily, you go back to your usual selves quite shortly after this rift takes place. While egos flare up, the two of you know each other well enough to know that, on occasion, you'll both get so overheated that the engine will simply break down. That's what engines do — they chug along, they break down, and then they're fixed. The engine that is your friendship gets fixed because you are both ready, willing, and able to put in that extra love and attention.


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