3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenges In Their Love Lives On May 28

Brave warriors of love — stay true and stand tall.

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We've got a very powerful lineup of romantically-seasoned transits on Tuesday, May 28. And while that sounds good, the tricky part is all about our timing. We may feel good, look good and want only the best, knowing we can provide with flying colors — but if the timing is off, then three zodiac signs may just miss the mark.

Sun trine Moon trine Venus isn't the kind of transit that will leave us too upset, however, as we know there's a reason for this — we may just not get that reason right at the top. So, brave warriors of love, stay true and stand tall. It's just one little foible in the game of love.


3 zodiac signs overcome challenges in their love lives on May 28

1. Gemini

You've become one of those people who really respect the idea of timing and you hold others to this standard. You believe people should always keep Integrity and respect in mind, but then again, you are also aware that you're the only one who can do this when it comes to how you think about and perceive the world. You have great intentions, but on May 28, your timing is off, and that's OK.

What you'll be learning during Sun trine Moon trine Venus, is that no matter how great your intentions are, if you're in love with someone who is scatterbrained and distracted, no matter how much you believe in them, you're probably always going to have mishaps such as the one you'll be having on Tuesday. You'll show up, they won't, and you'll feel disrespected and frustrated.


But, this won't last long as you are sort of used to this kind of thing by now. That doesn't, however, make it right or something you want to get used to. The lesson here is that you can't control how others treat you, especially if they are unaware of what they're doing. It seems the person you love just doesn't have this kind of integrity on their mind. They can love and respect you, but showing up right now is alien territory to them.

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2. Leo

When you fall in love, you go all the way within ten seconds. You are so into it and so enthusiastic that it's almost hard to keep up with you. Honestly, you're impressive! The only problem with this kind of glorious reaction to love is that during Sun trine Moon trine Venus, on May 28, the person you're into isn't as quick or as able as you are, and they may end up disappointing you by doing something goofy.

It's best for you to take it all in stride, as you do tend to take things very personally. Your timing may 'feel' right, but it takes two to tango and this dance is all about the beat. And while you're moving correctly, the other person is just lagging along. They aren't doing this to hurt you because they are not conscious that they need to do anything other than just be themselves.


This is where you learn that just because you do something a certain way, doesn't mean others do it that way, and this is something you have to live with, Leo. It's OK. We all know you are excellent, and phew — when it comes to love, you really show up. But not everyone works at your high level, and if you're going to fall in love with a regular ol' person, you'll need to work on their level, or at least meet each other half way.

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3. Aquarius

What constitutes as 'bad timing' on May 28, is really more along the lines of you wanting something out of a person who isn't ready to deliver at this point. It's not that they don't want to, or that they can't — it's that they are unaware that they have to, and that is what might bring disappointment for you during Sun trine Moon trine Venus on Tuesday.

You are in love with someone who is not that conscious of your feelings, and while you think you've made them quite obvious, this is where you come to understand that not everyone is on the same psychic wavelength as you are. You feel that you're emitting strong love vibes — and you are, but that doesn't automatically mean that your paramour is picking up on them when you want them to.


Tuesday is for introspection and understanding. If anyone can grasp this concept, it's you, Aquarius. You have always been a deep thinker and one who goes outside the box for answers. So, in your journey for knowledge at this time, step back and try to understand that nothing is wrong here. It's just about you, your expectations and the kinds of bad timing such expectations can create if you depend on things going 'your' way, all the time.

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