3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Luck In Relationships On May 18

The moon opposite Neptune transit on May 18 is a time for relaxation and leading with compassion.

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What we will come to learn on May 18, during the 'reminder' transit of Moon opposite Neptune, is that nothing is worth getting so worked up over. Three zodiac signs may feel that their parter has pushed all their buttons. And while it's tempting to go nuclear, the astrological energy of Moon opposite Neptune is a reminder to not get so hyped up.

The great part is that we 'get it.' We see where this is going and we nip it in the bud early on, because experience has taught us that we can keep calm and carry on, and that there is no real reason to make an Oscar-winning drama out of a simple misunderstanding. Hey, we're only human. We say stupid things sometimes, but the key to a happy romantic life is to take it all with a grain of sand, as they say. Lighten up.


3 zodiac signs with the best luck in relationships on May 18

1. Aries

Alrighty then. This thing, whatever it is, has gotten out of hand — and you're starting to realize that whatever has just taken place between you and your romantic partner is just not worth the effort. What you'll see taking place on Saturday, May 18 is a scene of strife, and it's way too much. You and your partner may get into a fight that is quite simply ridiculous. What keeps you invested in it is pride, and as soon as you see that it's going nowhere fast, you'll secede.

You get like this, Aries — all fiery and powerful, needing to win at all costs. But during the transit of Moon opposite Neptune, it will occur to you that there's no prize involved when it comes to arguing in a relationship and that 'winning' is just a weird pride game that you manage to make your own. Your partner may, at this point, be so dumbfounded by the degree of drama that's been utilized here that they just break out in laughter. This disarms you, and you go with it. 


Moon opposite Neptune is about thinking, deciding and going with the best option. What you'll know, for sure, is that the best option in this case is one where you back out now and admit that fighting for this is a waste of time. That attitude instantly sets the tone for immediate healing. May 18 is about using your energy the right way. You'll get it.

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2. Virgo

Learning to let go and take things lighter is a very important part of your life, as you tend to take things way too seriously at times, which has led you to fight with your partner in ways that could only be considered 'over the top.' You don't like yourself when you get like this, but you are always so tempted to have the last word or strike the smartest blow. But on May 18, you'll really get the hint: keep it light. Don't get involved. 

During the transit of Moon opposite Neptune, you'll understand that your defensiveness is better suited for a less mature person. And you've grown up, Virgo. Life has shown you that fighting for the sake of fighting is a waste of time. Sure, it blows off steam, but this is your romantic partner we're talking about. Are they really that deserving of your vehemence? No, they aren't — and you know it, which is why it's easier for you to pull back on May 18 than it was at other times in your life. You've come to know that the person you are with is not only on your side, but they are fantastically patient with you. So, on Saturday, during Moon opposite Neptune, you give them a break, and yourself as well. Guess what? All turns out very well. Nice going!


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3. Scorpio

You are always a quick one when it comes to engaging in a dramatic argument. And while that sounds a bit heavy, you sometimes can't separate theater from reality, especially when it comes to arguing with a loved one. In this case, you and your partner are in disagreement on a certain issue. OK, it happens. With you, you have a need to be right, and during Moon opposite Neptune, you'll discover that being right isn't always the best way to deal with a romance.

While you aren't someone who opts for compromise, you are still able to rationalize the idea that staying together with the person you love is better than breaking up over what they would call spilled milk. This is where the universe tells you, "Oh, just get over yourself, Scorpio." And the interesting part is that you listen. You get it. You take responsibility for being irate and irrational and you calm down.

This brings great relief to your partner and it shows you that on May 18, you, too, can relax and take it lightly. Yes, it's possible! You don't need to make an award-winning documentary out of your life. You can just chill on the couch instead, snuggled up with the one you love. It's so much better than duking it out to see which one of you is 'the right one.' Ah, peace is restored and smiles are back in town. Nice.


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