3 Zodiac Signs Who Thrive After Heartbreak From Now To May 16

We learn to manage our expectations and find new ways to be happy.

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Moon square Venus and trine Mars automatically imply that whatever we want in love at this time will somehow be rerouted and upset. Well, that's not great! We don't want to have to look forward to our plans being ruined, but there's a lesson in this, and it's one that we must pay heed to. If our expectations are great, we may be leading ourselves.

The greater the expectations, the greater the letdown, in the case of Moon square Venus. We may think that there is someone in our lives who, no doubt, will come through for us this week. We might put our whole heart and soul into that expectation. And, when we are either misunderstood or simply let down, Moon trine Mars will have us feeling all mopey and sulky, but then we thrive.


We realize that this is not the worst day in the world. It's just another of those days when we wish we didn't get our hopes up so high that the only place to go with what we feel is down. If we can manage our expectations in the future, we won't have days that feel like this one, but as mentioned before, it's not the worst. We just need to be realistic now, which is easy enough, right?


3 zodiac signs who thrive after heartache from now to May 16

1. Capricorn

You have been working towards a very specific goal for quite a while now. You feel this is the right time to spring it out and see what happens. Your work is always well done, Aries, as you put your whole self into it, however, your calculations may be a little off during Moon square Venus.

What you may see happening at this time is that you weren't as prepared as you thought you were. So when it's 'show time,' you'll miss a few important pieces of the puzzle. This looks like you thinking you'll be approved for something you've done, while what's taking place is that you showed up unprepared by accident.

This is a great and humbling time for you, as it shows you that being detail-oriented is an important trait for you to develop. You will because you do not want to be in this position again. You may feel you couldn't live up to those great expectations, but this will only stoke the fires for future successful endeavors.

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2. Cancer

One of the things that makes you 'you,' Taurus, is the idea that you believe so deeply in the people you befriend that you sometimes take it too far. When that belief turns romantic, you convince everyone around you that the person you love is some superstar, and because you are so charismatic, they believe you.

That's why this is such a humbling experience for you, as Moon square Venus shows you that the person you've made everyone believe in turns out to be quite a mess and thoroughly untrustworthy. Now, you have to explain this person to your family and friends. This was the person you fell madly in love with, the one you saw yourself spending the rest of your life with until they seriously didn't live up to your expectations.

While you don't want to become a cold, hard person, you are capable of learning your lesson. You understand that you need to spend a little more time with a person before you can claim to trust your life to them. If you tend to become attracted to negativity, then Moon square Venus will help you change your ways.

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3. Libra

The great expectations that come around to disappoint you have much to do with something you thought would happen that didn't. This thing is of your own doing, so the disappointment you experience is not only a humbling experience but one that shows you your limitations. Ordinarily, you are a person of great ability. Moon square Venus shows you that while this is still true, you cannot 'do it all.'

So the lesson comes to you. This could have something to do with the workplace, or it might be more personal. Either way, this is all about you thinking something is going to happen that can't happen because you are limited in your abilities to make it so. That has to be OK, Libra. There are things you need to accept about yourself.

The beauty of this lesson is that you get it. You suspected all along that you might not be able to live up to a certain 'thing' you had in mind for yourself, but your accomplishment-driven nature had you trying just as hard anyway. What you'll get out of this is the knowledge that while you may not be able to succeed at everything, you sure do try hard, and that's worth something, for sure.

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