3 Zodiac Signs Who Stop Waiting For Love & Heal Their Hearts On May 5

It is time to move on.

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Just as we'd imagine it to be during the waning crescent in Aries, so is our willingness to wait for a love that we've started to realize is not happening. During the waning crescent in Aries, we are looking at a powerful Moon fading out, transitioning back to darkness—as we perceive it. It is on May 5 that we, too, admit that our love for that 'one' person has also started to fade.

By the time Sunday rolls around, we will see that we've spent enough time waiting for this person to either notice us, love us, spend time with us, or all of the above. This love is either not happening fast enough for our tastes, or the reality is just now starting to kick in: we are waiting around for nothing.


And it will be on Sunday, May 5, 2024, that three zodiac signs pull themselves together and recognize the moment when we see and feel it. That moment is telling us to give up the fight. This is happening, and we know it in some strange and beautiful way. Oddly enough, we are now relieved by it. Our love has begun to wane, and there's nothing more to do than to see where it takes us. 

3 zodiac signs who stop waiting for love & heal their hearts on May 5

1. Virgo

The interesting part about what's taking place on May 5, for you, Virgo, is that you didn't see this coming, and yet, here you are. What's happening is that you have finally seen the end of your waiting period. You have placed so much faith in one person, and you're starting to not only get the hint but feel like maybe it's time to start tending to your heart. You had it in your mind that this one person was going to come through for you, and you finally have come to realize that, well, they're not.


And, it's OK. Mostly because during the waning crescent in Aries, you feel as though you are finally in sync with the times. You waited for this person to become something they were never destined to be, and now, you not only know it, but you accept it, too. This is a major breakthrough for you, Virgo. It's the very thing that will set you free.

Of course, you weren't exactly in the market for being set free, but now that you're on the other side of this kind of thinking, you know that moving forward in life is what's needed. You are a strong and powerfully intelligent person, Virgo, and you want to feel good again. Breaking free from false hope is what helps you feel great about yourself again, and more power to you for being brave enough to let go.

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2. Libra

What can you say? You tried. You gave it your all, and you will officially call it quits on Sunday. This refers to your take on someone you've been holding out for, who never really showed up to take you on. You waited patiently for this one person to love you, and while they were nice and all, they never gave you what you wanted, which was a relationship.


During the waning crescent in Aries, your attachment to this person and the dream you built inside your head will fade. You'll feel happy about it, Libra. You gave all you could, and you came to your rescue. You were the ultimate champion of love; in the long run, time won out over love. You realize that on May 5, you have no more time to spare for a love that is quite clearly not going to happen.

This Sunday shows you that it's OK to say goodbye; the quicker you do so, the freer you will feel. You wanted to lose yourself in the love of this other person, and you've started to identify as 'the one who waits.' In all honesty, this is so unlike you, Libra. It's time to resume your strong personality. Your individuality and charm can return now. Enjoy your life, Libra.

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3. Capricorn

You are a very fair person, Capricorn, and you like to give things a good long chance before you stamp them 'obsolete.' While you aren't about to let go of that one person whom you've given so much time to, you know now that this love affair will never be. You have waited for this person to come around, thinking that eventually they'd have to see how special you are, and while you are still very special, they have 'other things' to do.


You are fine with this, Capricorn, because during the waning crescent in Aries, you, too, feel as though your attachment has waned, as well. What was once so powerful a feeling has now started to feel like a drain for you, and this is where you draw the line. This Sunday is when you finally give up on waiting for this one person to finally 'see' you. They blew their chance, didn't they, Capricorn?

May 5 opens the doors for you to see that there's so much out there to experience that it would be silly for you to remain in that place of hoping, waiting for a miracle when that miracle has flown by you. You can take it, and you will take it well. You are not someone who doesn't get the hint. You're just dedicated to trying, that's all, and when you realize that your efforts are in vain, you free yourself, and walk on.

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