3 Zodiac Signs Gain Self-Respect & Confidence On April 16 During Moon Opposite Pluto

Moon opposite Pluto shows us that we need not accept what makes us feel uncomfortable.

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On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, three zodiac signs will gain self-respect and confidence. What we are looking at is the transit of Moon opposite Pluto, and this puts us in direct line with what we think is going on deep down inside of ourselves. To be more specific, that feeling of wanting more, deserving more, and needing to be respected is called 'self-love.' That's what we are going to stumble into.


Three zodiac signs are in major need of some self-love, and that's not about looking in the mirror and admiring what we see—although that's never a bad idea, either. We discover that we are worthy of being here. We may be in situations that we feel are demeaning to us. The Moon opposite Pluto shows us that we need not take what makes us feel uncomfortable. 

The interesting thing about this kind of realization is that we start feeling as though, once we learn this self-love lesson, we cannot return to the life we once lived. That's how the Moon opposite Pluto shows us the power of transformation. This is no mere 'whim.' This is the real deal, and it can only take place when we fully give in to the power of change and self-respect.


The zodiac signs who gain self-respect and confidence on April 16, 2024:

1. Gemini 

What you'll notice today is that you no longer have patience for those in your life who, for some reason, aren't able to see your true value. You feel as though you've worked very hard on yourself and that you're now at a place where you aren't going to stand around while others devalue you or treat you as if you are worth less than you are.

It's all about change, and for you, Gemini, it's about you letting others know that the big change that's taking place in you right now is the change that tells them that they must either respect you for who you are or walk away from you, as you are really not into entertaining another person's insecurity or inability to comprehend your worth.

What you've discovered are self-respect and self-love. It's taken a very long time for you to accept that if you want to keep it this way, then you need to let others know. In your case, that must come with the delineation of boundaries. You know what you are worth. To continue with the love you feel toward yourself and your own life, you must let others know that you will only accept good vibes. The minute someone disrespects you, you are on to them, and that's just not going to go anywhere.

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2. Aquarius 

This transit is here to wake you up and let you know that there is no 'going back to sleep.' What this means is that you've crossed the threshold between self-love and self-disregard. You've spent way too much time knowing that you've always been worth more than you get in terms of how people treat you. While you are ready to take responsibility for your past behavior, you are ready to leave the past behind in pursuit of a sweeter, kinder existence.

This existence isn't only about self-love and self-respect; it's about remaining strong in this kind of love. You don't want to waver here. With the power of the Moon opposite Pluto backing you up, you'll know that you can do it. You can be happy with who you are and believe in yourself fully, but this also means that you'll have to do the work to establish those boundaries, as you are no longer accepting shoddy treatment.

You accept that you've changed, and you've seen how much progress you've made. This hasn't been an easy journey. Now that the hard work is out of the way, you know that you really do like the 'new you' that's appeared after the dust has blown away. You worked very hard to love yourself, Aquarius, and nothing is going to take that away from you now. Carry on, brave soldier.

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3. Pisces 

Much the same as the other zodiac signs mentioned here, you, too, will be discovering that rare gem inside of you, the one you've come to call self-love. You now feel strong, and if you had listened to all of the naysaying that the world seems all too ready to share, you'd have gone crazy. This world demands of you things that you cannot provide. You'll see that there's no need for you to give in to this request.

Because the Moon opposite Pluto is the transit of radical transformation, you'll see within yourself your version of change. It will show you that there is no reason to go back to that old self. You've moved on, and you've learned lessons that cannot be unlearned. It's time to live your best life 'as you' and not as the person that someone else expected you to be.

April 16 is a day of supreme confidence for you, Pisces, as you finally feel as though you've 'arrived.' There's no going back now, as you feel as though you've earned the title of 'self-loving individual.' You really don't care what others think of you, nor are you motivated to live up to anyone else's expectations. Those things can be left to those people. As of this day, you are bowing out of the competition as, in your mind, you've already won.


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