3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Worry & Anxiety On April 14

We know in our hearts that we are bigger than our problems.

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Three zodiac signs overcome their worry and anxiety on Sunday. It's a rare life indeed that doesn't come with its share of worry and anxiety. While some of us can push aside our troubles and woes, there are times — such as this day — when we let our worries get the best of us. On April 14, we may give a little more credit to what we feel are the negative aspects of our lives, and we will do so because it's hard to beat the vibe that comes off of this day's transit, Moon square Venus.


This squared energy taps into that place in our minds that has us overthinking things and placing way too much emphasis on that which, on any other day, might appear to be meaningless or at least not worth the energy we put into it. For three zodiac signs, we will see that, while getting past this kind of frenetic energy is rough on our psyches, we can still find a way to work with Moon square Venus. We're strong, and we know in our hearts that we are bigger than our problems.

This is the day that has us returning to the life lessons we've learned in the past. We've all heard about meditation and relaxation techniques. If ever there were a good time to put some of this self-help work into practice, April 14 would be one such day. What we know is this: there is always a way to get on top of a problem. This day shows us that we are not only strong enough but that we are smart enough to listen and learn from that store of wisdom that we've already accrued. Moon square Venus may bring anxiety, but these three zodiac signs will deal with it accordingly.


3 zodiac signs overcome their worry and anxiety on April 14:

1. Gemini

This day comes with big lessons and even bigger realizations as you come to know that you cannot possibly give another moment of your time over anxiety or worry. There comes a point where you really start understanding that you are the one who is doing this to yourself. Just the idea that you finally 'get it' has you flipping it all on its side. Yes, you worry, and yes, you process many things through the lens of anxiety. Yes, you also learn and recreate your life as a result.

You feel as though you've done enough to drive yourself nuts and that you're now ready for change. You'll find that during this transit, you are willing to do the work that it takes to help you find balance. This is a day when something like meditation may be just the key to keeping your sanity. It's definitely worth a try.

What you'll also discover is that no matter what you go through, or no matter what brings about your worry and anxiety, you are still here, still alive and thriving. You have underestimated yourself in this department, Gemini, as you are much more able to heal than you give yourself credit for. This day brings you great healing. Yes, anxiety is a monster to get through, but it's not bigger than you are, and you know this.

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2. Scorpio 

Waking up in the middle of the night only to dwell on something that feels redundant and irrational is not only not fun. It's something that you desperately feel you need to rid yourself of, and soon. Luckily, you'll find that you are not lost underneath a mountain of anxious feelings; you are actually bigger than that mountain. You are a true survivor, and if you can survive your life, you can survive a bad night.

What's really great about recent events in your life is that you are starting to learn how to turn away from worry and anxiety by employing self-help methods. You have your eye on healing, and you are very dedicated to the idea of it. You've seen how you've let yourself give in to the dreaded anxiety. You feel that you are no longer alone and that help is there for you. On April 14, you take that help.

You've started to work it out your way, and with the help of friends and experts, you're starting to understand that you can find ways out of the dark if you find yourself wallowing in it. What you know is that you are strong and mighty and that while you are 'only human, ' you still feel like there's a superhero inside you. You're going to unmask that hero and let them fly free.


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3. Aquarius

What you may discover is the art of distraction, as in distracting yourself from the rather uncomfortable feeling of being anxious about something. You know yourself very well, and you know that once you get going, there's no stopping you from overthinking a subject and going into the ground. During Moon square Venus, the tendency to want to break away from your normal pattern of overthinking and worry will be broken.

This brings great hope to your life. You are quite tired of giving in to all of this nonsensical worry, and you've come to understand that so much of what creates anxiety in your world is based on fear rather than reality. You tend to dwell on a topic, and then, before long, that topic becomes your whole world. It's today that you finally start seeing your anxiety for what it really is.

While it's not worthless, it is still troublesome and annoying, and you want to kick it out of your life. The good part is that as soon as you begin to think this way, it starts to dissipate. You are someone who reaches out for help, and because of that, you're able to feel strong. Knowing you aren't alone makes all the difference in the world, Aquarius. Because you want to heal, you will heal. Because you make the effort, you get positive results, and good on you for it.


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