2 Zodiac Signs Overcome Heartbreak & Experience Abundance April 15 - 21, 2024

Two zodiac signs will feel the shift occur this week as we head out of Aries Sun and into Taurus season.

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One of the things that two zodiac signs will have to deal with during the week of April 15 - 21, 2024 is coming to terms with the end of a relationship and what to do next. While we cannot think of breaking up, letting go of a friendship, or going no contact with a negative family member as a 'happy thing,' we know that if it happened, then it's done, and there's no undoing the past. What we might see taking place during this week is a resolution of sorts happening 'within.' This is the week that has us coming to terms with what is really going on in our lives at present and how ending things with a person we just spent a considerable amount of time with is just part of our journey to a happier and more content life.


We may have felt badly about how it ended, but this week shows us that time truly does heal all wounds if we work through. the souce of those wounds. Sure, the sting of it all is there, but it's more of a memory now than it is an actual pain, and we will take this as a sign that we're getting better. This is going to end up well, and we can just feel it in our bones. Hmm, so nothing lasts forever, eh? Not even heartbreak. Nice to know.

Two zodiac signs will feel the shift this week as we head out of the Aries Sun and into Taurus season. Immediately, we will sense that universal shift as the hostile and frightening powers recede into the background, allowing for a more positive flow of energy. This energy takes the form of self-love and self-respect. It is during this time that we begin to have hope again. We reclaim our identity, and we feel good about life in general. Hope is alive and well for these two zodiac signs.


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2 zodiac signs who overcome hardships and experience abundance the week of April 15 - 21, 2024: 

1. Leo 

What you knew you had in you was the strength to get through the hardest of times, and you'll find that this week your courage will return. You've just gone through a rather difficult time in your life. If this led to a relationship ending with a long-term romantic partner, then you know how raw and vulnerable you've been feeling. Still, there was never a moment when you doubted yourself in all of this. So, you remain true to yourself as a resilient and brave individual.

One thing that stands out is that even though you've just parted ways with someone who, at one point, meant the world to you, you know that you'll get by. You know that they, too, will be happier on their own. You both just came to know what was real in the relationship and that it would be better for both of you to part ways. You were right.

You can know this, Leo. The stars are on your side, and all the transits in the heavens are here to support you, as you are not alone. This week may have you reflecting on 'what went wrong,' but in the long run, you'll come to realize that nothing went wrong; in fact, it all went 'right.' It's a rough path at first, but it's nothing you can't handle, and you will handle it as the winner you are and come out with more abundance in all areas of your life — yes, even love.




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2. Virgo 

You are the only one who really knows what is going on inside your heart. While you are also the person who made the moves to be where you are during this week, you still have your moments of sadness here and there. That's OK, you are human, and if you have just decided to end a relationship that you once believed in, then you have your reasons, Virgo.

You are both smart and vulnerable, but you also don't want to lie to yourself. While this immense Pluto energy presses down upon you, urging you to change and transform yourself, you feel as though you need to go at your own pace. This shows that you have integrity, Virgo. Yes, you're in the middle of healing a wounded heart, and if time is what it takes, then pacing is key here.


There is nothing here that will last, Virgo, and you know it — that includes the pain of heartbreak. You will allow yourself one last trip down Memory Lane, and you'll go over your memories of this romantic partner. When it's time to say goodbye, you'll do it with grace, knowing that you are now ready to release it. You are doing what is best for yourself, and while it may not feel like a parade right now, you'll know soon enough that your gut instincts put you on the right path in the right direction. This is, after all, YOUR life. It's going to be more than OK, you will come out of this with even stronger relationships and new people entering your life who will stay for the long-term. It's an exciting time. 



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