3 Zodiac Signs Learn To Be More Patient On February 10, 2024

We're still not ready to move on.

3 Zodiac Signs Learn To Be More Patient On February 10, 2024 Gabrielle Scarlett, Timmy from Prapassorn Chimnarong, CraigRJD from Getty Images Signature | Canva Pro

When big dreams meet prohibited communication, we're looking at a rough day, and February 10, 2024, seems to promise both for three zodiac signs.

On the one hand, we feel very optimistic and happy, as we may have just come to the end of a long and difficult season in our lives.

 On the other hand, it feels as though time hasn't quite caught up with us yet, and we will see this when we try to express ourselves on this day.


We are looking at how Mercury's transit square Jupiter can take on some rather negative traits as these two planets collide in a mysterious, mental way.

Jupiter gives us so much hope, and that's fantastic and something that will not go away anytime soon. With this aspect squaring Mercury, we will witness how we're still not ready to move on.

We see the light and the clearing up ahead. With Mercury square Jupiter influencing us on February 10, 2024, we may want to slink back into our comfort zones, if only to rethink our next move.


We know that we will rise above and that victory will eventually be ours, and so our hearts are at ease. What's troublesome on this day is the timing. We may have to wait just another day.

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on February 10, 2024:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

There's so much to the expression 'hurry up and wait,' which will apply to this day, February 10, 2024, for you, Cancer. You have a clear idea of exactly how you want things to go, and your amazing sense of direction is impressive to others. Still, so much of what you do and say seems to fall on deaf ears. You are charged up and enthusiastic, but the world around you seems to be asleep at the wheel.

You are dealing with this day's transit, Mercury square Jupiter, and it has you feeling as though every step you take sends you two steps backward. After a while, you'll notice that so much of it has to do with communication. Did you say the right thing to convey what is important to you, or did they just misinterpret your good intentions and push them aside, having something 'better' to do? This, you will now know.


What you will know, however, is that you need to speak more clearly next time around, as you feel that during Mercury square Jupiter, you are missing out on prime chances to advance yourself in your career. The timing is off on this day, February 10, 2024. while that shouldn't get you too upset, you'll have to understand that all of this can be attempted again at another time. In other words, all is not lost, Cancer.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You have been psyching yourself up for months now. Now that the day is here, and that day would be this one, February 10, 2024, you feel as though you aren't ready to go ahead with your big plan. Even if your 'big plan' isn't exactly a big plan, what you did intend for this time was a comeback of sorts. You've been out of it for a while, and with the energy of Mercury square Jupiter, you feel as though you really want to 're-enter' the picture.


Unfortunately, Mercury square Jupiter is a bit of a tease. It will have you getting right up to the start line, only to immediately start doubting yourself to the point where you simply back down once again. It's OK, Virgo; being 'not ready' is just as important as being ready. It's that you KNOW it; that's what counts. With transits like Mercury square Jupiter, it makes perfect sense that you might not be ready on February 10, 2024.

You may learn it's best to keep your plans and ideas to yourself so that you don't have to listen to other people telling you that they were right all along. You need encouragement during Mercury square Jupiter, not reinforced doubt. At the same time, it may be a difficult day for you. Virgo, February 10, 2024, still holds valuable lessons for you when it comes to communication.

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3. Libra, you feel like a million bucks on February 10, 2024. 

Yet the world around you doesn't seem as receptive to you as you would like it to be. First of all, this day was supposed to be your 'big day.' You definitely had plans for this day, but because Mercury square Jupiter is here to disrupt certain communications, you might find that you'll have to reschedule much of what you intended to accomplish on this day.


This comes as a great disappointment for you because you really went out of your way to make sure everything was in the right place and that every communication and connection that went out was destined to work. Yet, it hasn't, and you have to roll with this, Libra. During this tricky transit, Mercury square Jupiter, you'll see how possible it is to have high hopes that are suddenly 'put on hold.'

The key to staying optimistic here is to know that it's really 'on hold' rather than 'non-existent.' OK, so you have to wait, and you might not know how long. What you can know is that your heart is in the right place. With the right thinking and proper intention, you can ride this day out, knowing it will all work out in the long run. Nothing lost, something gained: patience. It's all good, Libra.

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