3 Zodiac Signs Stop Waiting For Love On November 24, 2023

We have given up on waiting for true love to find us because that seems so unrealistic.

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If we get the feeling that at this moment in our lives, love isn't what's going on, nor do we care that much if it is or it isn't, then that is because during the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, we know who we are and we've learned from the lessons of our lives.

Giving up on love may be something that lasts forever or just for a while. One thing we know for sure, however, is that on November 24, 2023, three zodiac signs will make the 'executive' decision to give up.


We all notice that there's a lot of pressure on us during this time of the year, and that pressure can be challenging ... and obnoxious. It's as if everybody is looking at us to see 'how well we're doing in love' and 'who we're bringing to the holiday dinners, yada yada ... ' This is definitely an obnoxious feeling, especially when we don't want our love lives — or lack thereof — to be scrutinized.


And, to avoid it, we simply let others know that right now is not a good time for us when it comes to love. Hopefully, the masses will back off and accept what we see. As for the three zodiac signs, this is the truth. We have given up on waiting for true love to find us because, right now, that seems so idealistic and unreal. Right now, we can only concentrate on getting through the day ... and that should be OK with the onlooking audience of family members.

Three zodiac signs stop waiting for love on November 24, 2023.

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

First of all, you're not giving up on love; you'll never give up on love. What you are giving up on as of today, November 24, 2023, is waiting for it to magically happen to you, as if you deserve a fairy tale instead of a real life. You aren't banking on this fairy tale, nor are you waiting around for the hero or heroine of the tale to rescue you. You are simply not waiting around at all ... for anyone. Right now, you have to concentrate on surviving this life. At the same time, that might sound dramatic. Welcome to Planet Earth, 2023.

Life is hard enough without having to chase a dream that apparently isn't ready to be manifested as of this date. During today's transit, Moon sextile Saturn, you'll come face to face with your dreaded ideas and they will reflect to you the concept that right now, being alone and on your own is not only the safest place to be but the one where you'll be the strongest. You aren't interested in being blinded by love ... not just yet.


You've just come out of a relationship that has taught you such a valuable lesson that you realize that, at this point, love isn't on your radar. This is perfectly fine, as it gives you a chance to tap into your self-worth and vision. Waiting for love to appear and make your life better is another dreamer's job; let them nurture that feeling until they get what they want. As for you, you're happy to do the solo journey right now.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

As soon as you get it into your mind that you've spent way too much time on relationships that all eventually fell apart, you might want to step back and consider taking a break for a while. You've given way too much time and effort to making love into an ideal, and every time it shows you that it is fallible, you crash and burn alongside it. On November 24, 2023, during the transit of Moon sextile Saturn, you will see things clearly. You don't have to continue making the same mistakes again and again.


This transit, Moon sextile Saturn, is particularly clarifying for you, as Saturn energy always reaches deep inside you and lets you know that you should trust your instincts. You've always been an insightful person, and it's time you use those insights to protect yourself. While you are very vulnerable and easily influenced, you have seen how love itself has taken you off the rails; this is a feeling you no longer wish to have.

Moon sextile Saturn will have you reconsider the idea that love is the answer to all questions. Even if it is ... it's something that you alone need to be the gatekeeper on. Right now, your gut tells you that love is not the answer and that you must spend some time alone finding a way to creatively use your time without waiting for love to fill in all the empty spaces. You can do it, and during Moon sextile Saturn on November 24, 2023, you know it.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)


Around this time of the year, you feel as though you know who you are and what you're doing. You've spent the year figuring out a lot of the mysteries of your life and you've come to the conclusion that life is good, although ... life is lonely. You haven't been satisfied with your love life throughout most of the year and you know nothing is going to change, and that's basically because you're not going to do anything to change it.

During Moon sextile Saturn on November 24, 2023, you will accept this stagnant choice, as in your mind, it's better than fighting. You and your partner will stay together, possibly forever. While there will be no real romantic love involved, it's something you can deal with. You are no longer attached to the pain-giving idea that love will save the day. It hasn't saved the day, but it's acted as the glue that holds you and your partner together.

To think this is going to become a great love story ... no way. You have given up on that ideal. You have what you have and that's the end of that story, and honestly, it's the story of many people. You aren't alone when it comes to being unsatisfied with your partner. You are also not going to leave them, so you might as well rewrite your list of expectations so that you're not waiting for a miracle, knowing a miracle will not occur.


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