3 Zodiac Signs Learn To Accept Their Partners On November 23, 2023

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Moon opposite Venus november 23, 2023

There's probably no big surprise here when we think that a transit like Moon opposite Venus could bring in the idea of acceptance and love into an already established romantic relationship.

Moon opposite Venus is here for just that reason. To show us that we're not perfect and that to expect perfection from a flawed human being is insanity.

On this day, November 23, 2023, we know that we are not insane. While we can all agree that it takes a lot to get to know a person well enough to want to spend a lifetime with them, it does seem that that lesson is an ongoing one and that we are often tired.

A lack of patience can destroy what might be a potentially wonderful partnership, but we have to come to that place where we accept our partners as they are.

During the Moon opposite Venus, three zodiac signs will have a revelation and it will be a life-changer. Yes, people can change but no, we aren't going to become someone else's ideal or a dream come true.

We are going to forgive ourselves on this day for being so strict with our standards; our romantic partners need not live up to our ideals. They are doing the best they can and we need to consider that.

Three zodiac signs learn to accept their partner on November 23, 2023:

1. Gemini, you've not always accepted a person for who they are, but that's changed.

You have always held your romantic partner to impossible standards and what you've created in them is the need to please you, which has started to backfire, as they aren't that interested in being someone other than who they are.

When they don't come through with your expectations, you act as if you are mad at them, which causes stress and strains the relationship. You'd like to lighten up, but you've established yourself as the boss, and on November 23, 2023, you might want to rethink your position.

You're going to see that during the transit of Moon opposite Venus, it's going to be difficult for you to maintain your ideal of perfection when it comes to what you seem to be demanding of your partner. You aren't looking towards yourself when you demand perfection. In fact, you don't even notice that part of the problem is in the idea that you can't stop being pushy. This has to change.

What's good is that during Moon opposite Venus, you will see that this is not the way to create a warm, welcoming and successful environment for love to thrive. The thing is, Gemini, you really do want this love affair of yours to be healthy and fruitful. You don't know why you get like this but it will be on this day that you have a change of heart. You will come to accept your partner at this time. 

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2. Libra, you're less judgmental lately.

Part of what makes you YOU is this concept that you do things your way, and if you do, then all works out according to plan. That plan, however, is YOUR plan and rarely considers the reality of the person you are with, as in your romantic partner. While you have a great relationship with them, you can't help but judge them, night and day, for whatever reasons you find. Those reasons don't have to be much for you to get on your high horse and make with the condemnations.

Your romantic partner has brought this up to you before and you're starting to understand that they are not a byproduct of your life but a real and true individual who needs to be respected for who they are. They are happy to give you what you want, but they are not here to become someone else for you. On November 23, 2023, during Moon opposite Venus, you are going to see this for the first time.

Why do you love this person? Is it because you see potential in them, as in ... you know that if you influence them enough, they'll eventually become the person you really want? That's not going to work because you aren't living in a bubble, Libra. Today is the day you consider that your partner has a mind of their own ... and it's a good one, one that you should respect and accept.

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3. Aquarius, you want to accept things for what they are now.

What's happened in your love life, Aquarius is that before you really got to know the person you are presently with, you created in your mind an idea of who they are. You've never really considered that they are anything but that idealized person. Now that you're in a relationship with them, you've started to notice that not only are they not the person you created in your mind, they are a totally different person.

You have to reroute your thinking to know that just because they are different, it doesn't mean they are wrong, as that's how you've been treating them, in your 'lack-of-acceptance' kind of way. You have wanted only what you've enjoyed and you've forgotten that this person isn't a toy. They are a living, breathing human being ... and they love you. What's wrong with this picture? You need to accept them as they are or move along.

What Moon opposite Venus brings you is the clear knowledge that you are not Dr. Frankenstein and that your mate is not The Monster. You did not create this person. They were born. Now that you are in a deeply committed relationship with them, you have to decide whether or not you can accept or reject them because they don't match your checklist of acceptable traits in a partner. You'll find that acceptance comes a lot easier during Moon opposite Venus.

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