Sagittarius Season Brings Improvements To 4 Zodiac Signs & Their Relationships Beginning November 22

As the Sun shifts into Sagittarius open yourself up to the adventure of love.

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It's a brand new chapter in your relationship, and it's time to start enjoying the journey together as Sagittarius Season invites excitement, exploration and meaning. After a rather intense Scorpio Season in which the main focus was your emotional feelings and truth, this phase of the year is more about enjoying what you have created. In many ways, is the reward for working through the more challenging moments you've encountered. 


Four zodiac signs whose relationships improve at the start of Sagittarius season: Gemini, Taurus, Leo and Virgo

Love truly is a journey, but to enjoy it in the way you're meant to, you must also understand the deeper meaning and lessons at play. A relationship is never about just companionship or fun but instead serves to help reveal to you the parts of yourself that may need to heal or grow.

This is why a relationship is always considered a vehicle for self-growth, because no matter the connection, there is always something important to garner from your connection that can actually serve to help your process. 


Sagittarius is known as a fire sign that is always in search of far-off horizons, as its ruling planet is Jupiter. However, this fire sign also craves a spiritual bond and purpose to the union, so it's not about just moving through multiple partners in search of the best one but continually traversing the connection that already exists. This fire sign is one of the most spiritual of the zodiac.

Because of that, it helps you to make peace with what has occurred, along with understanding how you can affect the overall relationship more positively. Once you can understand the meaning of your connection or a particular phase of your relationship, you're then able to enjoy the journey that much more.  

Here are which four zodiac signs see the biggest improvements to their relationships when Sagittarius season begins.

1. Gemini, your commitment sector becomes activated bringing new life to love.

You deserve all the love coming into your life during Sagittarius Season, as you will feel a renewed joy and connection in your partnership. Sagittarius is a fire sign that rules over your romantic relationships, helping bring balance into your life and yourself. As you begin to emerge from a deep phase of inner growth, it's time to focus your energy on embracing your romantic relationship and the value it brings to your life or opening yourself up to attract a new love.  


As the Sun shifts into your seventh house of Sagittarius, followed by Mars and then asteroid Ceres. While the Sun rules the actions you take, Mars fuels your drive and ambition, helping this time in your life be about adventure, connection and embracing the love you've spent a lifetime dreaming about.



Asteroid Ceres rules femininity, motherhood and the natural cycles of life, which determine the different phases you find yourself moving through. Together, they create a momentous occasion of helping to bring reconnection to an existing relationship or provide the precise meeting of a divine encounter.  

While Sagittarius energy always increases your romantic focus, with so many planets consecutively moving into this fire sign, you also owe it to yourself to make the most of each moment. Break up your routine if you're looking to attract new love by changing where you work out or meet friends after work. Let yourself plan an impromptu weekend getaway and fall in love with your own life, which will help attract the partner you desire. If you're looking to make the most of an existing relationship, think of doing a sound bath, planning a trip or even choosing a book to read together as you embrace the adventure and philosophical nature of Sagittarius.  


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2. Taurus, you're ready to try something new.

While relationship dynamics will be heightened during Sagittarius Season, for you, it's more about embracing the themes of transformation that are occurring in this area of your life. This may mean you're considering changing the agreements within your connection to honor the growth of each person. Sagittarius energy will always inspire you to seek greater intimacy in your relationships by embracing what has changed, or what you desire to, as you feel empowered to evolve into a deeper romantic union.  That's what the 8th house does especially when Sagittarius energy is being expressed through it.



The Sun, Mars and asteroid Ceres will shift into Sagittarius, bringing dramatic changes into your life and helping you venture a bit further out of your comfort zone. The past year, there has been a focus on building an internal sense of stability within yourself versus trying to only create it outside of yourself by working to keep things the same. In many ways, this influx of Sagittarius energy is a dive test from the universe to see if you're ready to embrace all that love can be, but first, you must allow things to shift and transform in the way they're meant to. 


At the start of Sagittarius season, reflect on what it seems you've been resisting or intuitively feel is something you are meant to encounter. Practice journaling about these themes along with the affirmation, I am safe, to help you be able to flow with wherever this is meant to bring you. If you're single, then this energy is going to help you attract a new type of relationship into your life, especially as this zodiac sign also represents a second life partner coming into your life.

If you have been experiencing growing pains in your current relationship, then you are being directed to first reflect on what changes you are sensing, along with what you hope the outcomes will be. Once you are feeling greater clarity, then open up a space with your partner where you both can share and help to take your relationship to the next level.  

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3. Leo, you're ready to love in a new way.

You are someone who naturally wants to fall in love with life as you absorb as many interesting and sometimes outrageous experiences as you can. With a true zest for life, you always tend to see love as an adventure, especially with your ability to follow your heart in such a unique way. Still, this year has brought a lot of focus on your career and expanding your life in new ways, so you may feel like you haven't been able to live as exuberantly as you prefer. 


Sagittarius Season, along with Mars and asteroid Ceres, in this fire sign are about to give you precisely what it is you have been desiring. Scorpio Season had you focusing on your home, family, healing and even the domestic intimacy you share with a partner — or that you hope to build. Now that you've moved through all the lessons in truth that Scorpio Season brought, you're ready to move into the Joy of Sagittarius Season, along with the possibility of greater commitment.



Sagittarius energy helps you find more joy and pleasure within your romantic life, whether creating moments of quality time with your partner or attracting someone just as fun-loving as yourself. This is also the place in your life that signifies a deep romantic commitment, either through marriage or a significant bond between yourself and another.  

Make the most of the bright light of happiness that begins to shine through your life during this time by first making sure you're living life in a way that makes you feel good. Regardless of whether you're single or attached, the happiness you desire begins with making sure to give that to yourself first. Once you are, it will be easy to inspire your partner to try something new with you or begin planning a romantic getaway. If you're single, activities you enjoy, like music events or rock climbing, can help you be in the right place at the right time for that new love to find you.  


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4. Virgo, your mind and heart are open.

There will always be more challenging moments in love, even in the best relationships, as you continue to grow together and strengthen your connection. Scorpio Season was rather intense for you as it brought up a great deal of emotional conversations, opportunities for healing and chances to give and receive forgiveness. As tender as these moments can be to move through, though, it's also the cornerstone of any long-lasting relationship because you can't build a relationship on truth if you don't speak yours. Yet, all of that is changing as Sagittarius seeks to bring light, happiness and understanding to your life and relationship. 

As the Sun, Mars and asteroid Ceres shift into Sagittarius, they will activate themes of home, family and domestic intimacy. Not only does this bode well for any holiday gatherings you have planned, but it will also help to provide confirmation and a return to joy after a challenging Scorpio Season.




Sagittarius is one of the most philosophical and spiritual signs in the zodiac, which will help you be able to continue to process all that has arisen as you arrive at a deeper understanding and purpose for your relationship. Let yourself honestly believe the entire universe conspired to bring you together with your partner, and while logic may serve a certain purpose in love, it's also okay to simply focus on the magic you feel.  

This phase in your life is less about conversations and more about action, as the Sun and Mars in Sagittarius will be making you feel inspired and ready to act. This is a fire sign that holds a deep love of travel, so even if you have plans to do so over the holidays, think of surprising your partner with an unexpected detour and making the most of the journey to arrive at your destination.

You can also spend time together reflecting on any changes you want to make to your home during time as you will be craving a positive transformation, whether it's a whole home remodel or simply new bedding for your inner sanctuary. If you're single, though, then this Sagittarius Season is all about helping you open yourself to new connections as you will be naturally desiring to try new things, break from any norms and simply enjoy the beautiful life you've created, which will make all the difference in attracting someone that wants to build one together.  


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