3 Zodiac Signs Won't Be Fooled By Love Again On October 28, 2023

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Starting October 28, 2023, we'll be paid a visit by the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, and for three zodiac signs, this just might end up being a very powerful and insightful day.

One of the amazing things that happens during a transit that has one celestial body opposite another is that we, down here on Earth, get a chance to witness polarity. In our case, we get to see both sides of one particular view, and this can end up as very helpful.

On this particular October 28, Mercury opposite Jupiter will be there to show us what went wrong in a past relationship and how we can avoid going down that rocky road again. We are made wiser when this transit visits us, and we can proceed with our lives from a smarter vantage point.

Three zodiac signs will see something we never saw before, and it will brighten the way we see our future. We know now not to repeat certain behaviors, and we feel confident that we will not be fooled again by love. October 28, 2023, is the day we wake up to our inner wisdom. We can trust our decisions from now on.

Three zodiac signs won't be fooled by love again starting October 28, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You most certainly know what it's like to go over old memories and, even more so, what it's like to stop on one particular memory and relive it again and again until it practically makes you sick. You really don't enjoy this either, as it's not like you're having a grand old time of yourself, reliving the pains of the past. You'd love for this to have an ending and something satisfying while you're at it.

You'll find that you might just get that completion on this day, October 28, 2023, during the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, because this is the kind of event that has you making sense of the past in a way that gives you such insight, that you won't have a need for rehashing memories in the future. This day offers you the opportunity to understand something about yourself, and that would be your tendency to repeat mistakes.

While the conclusion may be one of those "the answer was there all along" moments, it will still be quite refreshing and surprising for you to finally 'get it.' You feel very confident about who you are now, and you are sure that love is not something that can fool you any longer. Oh, you might fall into it, but you'll do so as a much wiser person, and that will shape the rest of your life. Take in that Mercury opposite Jupiter vibe and let it do its thing. Now THAT's a wise move.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

Rather than pretend, as you always do, that you are totally in control when you're in love, you will finally see something on this day that you never allowed yourself to see before. Starting October 28 you see that you give too much of yourself away, and you do it right at the top. This gives the other person, this potential romantic partner, way too much leverage over you. While this kind of thinking may seem cold, it's a lesson you need to put to use.

During the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, you will find that you are able to see where you've gone wrong in past relationships and what might have been done differently to keep that romance going strong. You've seen too many failed romances in your own life to think that you're a master at this game ... but the truth is, you want to be one, and you can be one. You just have to admit to your failings first.

No, it's not all 'your fault,' of course not, Libra. There are things that you have put into motion that have given you false hope ... and this is more than likely something you've given other people, too. After this day, you won't be interested in kidding yourself any longer. You want a realistic, down-to-earth romantic relationship. You won't be fooled again by dreams of ideals and expectations that can never be met.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

You have seen love from both sides of the experience. At first, you've thrown yourself into it, not caring where it took you. After sufficient experience with love, you pulled away so that it could never touch you again. The idea of a middle ground never occurred to you and if it did, it might have seemed like too risky a gamble to take. You want your heart in one piece, and you aren't interested in watching it break ... again.

On October 28, 2023, during the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, you will see that you've taken it to the farthest extremes and that it might now be time to balance out your feelings. You want to retake a chance, but you don't want to take it 'that far.' Well, that one is really up to you, Sagittarius, and it can be controlled. This is how your wisdom works for you. Mercury opposite Jupiter jump starts that mechanism.

You are now prepared, mentally and emotionally, to embrace what love has to offer you. You know that you can no longer be fooled by immature love, but that still leaves a world of opportunity for you to discover. October 28 lets you know that there's more to love than just heartache; there is warmth and companionship. There is joy, friendship and sharing. You can have this and you don't have to sacrifice your heart to get it.

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