The 3 Zodiac Signs Who May Want To Breakup On September 26, 2023

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Well, we have to admit one thing today: nothing lasts forever. We don't want to think that we're tired of the people we're in relationships with, and we certainly don't want to find out that the love affair we got ourselves into was doomed from the start, but on this day, September 26, 2023, we're working with one of those transits that tend to bring things to a head, namely, Moon conjunct Saturn.

This transit isn't messing around. It helps us to sniff out what's wrong and weigh it for its realistic value in our lives. During Moon conjunct Saturn, we find out if we really want to go on with the person we're with or if we've just been kidding ourselves.



For three zodiac signs, the 'kidding ourselves' option will be clear, and whether or not we want to act on it, we'll know that the seeds of 'break up' are in the works. It's been planted, and now, it's up to us to see how fast we make it rise to the surface. Once we realize that it's over, we'll get to see just how fast we go from thinking about wanting to break up to...breaking up. The thought has to start somewhere, and on September 26, 2023, during Moon conjunct Saturn, the thought starts now.

We might not have seen this day coming, but now that we DO see it coming, it's all we can think about. That's also part of Moon conjunct Saturn's agenda; it needs completion. So, if we are born under the zodiac signs that are most affected by Moon conjunct Saturn on this day, September 26, 2023, then we will see a breakup coming very soon in the future. If we can think it, we can be it, and this manifestation is now out of the box. It's happening.

Three zodiac signs breakup during the Moon on September 26, 2023:

1. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

When you get something into that head of yours, it's very hard to rid yourself of the thinking that comes along with that, and on this day, September 26, 2023, the only thing that will be on your mind is breaking up with the person that suddenly gets more on your nerves than you can tolerate. You might have spent a lot of time trying to get to know this person; however, during the transit of Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll know this is a dead end.

You tried, and you did your best but you're starting to feel like you're swimming upstream. And you know it's not all them; they are not the only problem here. You realize that you may not be what they want either, but you're willing to act on that and leave things be if that's what's necessary. You will decide to breakup with your romantic partner on this day, during Moon conjunct Saturn, because you need to make it go away ... NOW.


2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You know you want to breakup with the person you are with, but you don't want to be 'the bad guy' and be the first to let them know what's about to happen, so you do the passive-aggressive thing, and you just let it dwindle into nothingness. That's not very nice of you because you do have an agenda, and you will end up breaking the heart of the poor shmoe who doesn't know what's going on.

However, during the transit of Moon conjunct Saturn on September 26, 2023, you will know in your heart that you no longer can be with this person. You left the relationship a long time ago, even though you stuck around, physically, pretending to be 'theirs.' This is the day that brings closure for you, Libra. You may not have done this 'the right way,' but if breaking up is what you really wanted, today is the day you'll get what you want.


3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

All you know is that something's gotta give, as they say, and in your case, it's all about ending the relationship you're in so that you can breathe again. During Moon conjunct Saturn, you will pull no punches; you mean business, and that business is all about ending things with the person you are starting to feel as though you've spent way too much time with.

They don't seem all that interested either, so no harm, no foul. On September 26, 2023, expect to break up with this person. You may still have moments of hesitation as it does open up the realm of the unknown, but you will proceed according to what your heart tells you to do. During Moon conjunct Saturn, you will feel aligned with your heart's desire to break up, and you will manifest that feeling today.


Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.