3 Zodiac Signs Feel Happier Post Breakup On September 2, 2023

We come into our power during the Aries Moon, and after going separate ways, these three zodiac signs feel much better.

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Happiness is a strange feeling after saying goodbye to someone you loved, either currently or in the past. While breaking up is never easy, three zodiac signs feel the breakup was for the best.

Today, September 2, 2023, brings us the 'deciding factor' in how we perceive a recent ending to what was supposed to be a longterm romance. We have to admit to ourselves that we are fierce creatures when it comes to love; we want it all.


We want to feel loved, we want security, and we want emotional loyalty. And when we start to see the fabric of our relationship start to unravel, we get nervous and we begin to wonder if mending those threads is worthwhile.

There is just so much effort a person can put into a romance that brings them little to no return, and while breaking up is never 'the dream,' sometimes we know that we have to break up if we are ever to be happy again.



The deciding factor is, of course, today's transit of the Moon in Aries. This is the moment when we hop off the fence and on to the other side. We are no longer stuck in the dread and regret of the break up; we feel it in our bones, and that feeling tells us that we need to be strong and carry on. The Moon in Aries is our backbone today and it helps us — mainly three zodiac signs in particular — to get past the break up and figure out what to do next. It will be on September 2, 2023 that we realize we are much better off without both the person we've just separated from and the experience of being with them.


We know now that if we stayed, we'd end up losing our souls. We see clearly that there's still a whole bunch of life to be lived, and we have to get out there and do that.

We're strong because the Aries Moon has our backs today. These three zodiac signs will feel the strongest on September 2, 2023.

These zodiac signs are happier after a breakup on September 2, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

It doesn't take much for you to hold yourself together when you know that the only other option is duress, and now that you have separated yourself from the person you once believed to be your romantic partner, it's as if the clouds are finally clearing. You can breathe freely again, and on September 2, 2023, you will know for the first time in a long while how refreshing it is to simply be ... without a partner.


You used to think you need such a person in your life, as if someone else could actually 'complete' you, but the reality of your life is that you are the powerhouse who brings in your own happiness. You don't need another person to make you whole. During the Aries Moon, you will feel both comfortable in your own skin, and happy to finally taste freedom once again. Being on your own no longer feels threatening to you; it feels good.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

The idea of breaking up was never ideal to you, in fact, you kept it in your mind for so long that you and 'that person' would more than likely stick through it — forever. And then, it happened: the break up. It was real and now you're on the other side of it. T


he hassles are over with, and on September 2, 2023, you'll see that while you have only memories now of this ex, you also have yourself, and is so much more promising than ever before. You've got the Moon in Aries to give you the courage to believe in yourself and the fortitude to stay strong and not back down. You made it to the other side, Virgo, and if you really want to give yourself a treat, let yourself know this is truly a victory. Let your happiness come out to play; it's all OK, now.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

What September 2, 2023 brings you is the realization that the only reason you didn't break up sooner is because you didn't want to admit to defeat, as if breaking up was some kind of sign that you're a loser when it comes to love. Now, during the Aries Moon, you know all too well that this has nothing to do with losing, and all to do with strength and self love.


During the Moon in Aries, you will remember who you are, and that memory will give you the courage to continue onwards. This is the farthest thing from defeat, Capricorn; you chose yourself over misery and now you are on the other side of it, ready to start living your life again, ready to resume. This is a victory and it will be on this day, September 2, 2023, that you begin to see it this way.

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