3 Zodiac Signs Say, 'No' To Narcissistic Partners On August 12, 2023

You don't own me.

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What an amazing day it will be when we finally learn to stand up for ourselves and call a spade a spade. In this case, we are talking about knowing that we are in a relationship with a narcissistic partner and that being in this relationship can go no further. We probably didn't know this was happening to us, but the signs are becoming increasingly obvious.

For the three zodiac signs who will come to know the horrible truth on this day, August 12, 2023, there will be no alternative path other than to deny this narcissistic partner the power they have over us. It's done, and we have made up our minds. We are no longer ignorant. We are no longer clueless and with the power of Moon trine Saturn on our side, we are no longer stuck.




During the transit of Moon trine Saturn, we establish ourselves as 'the power.' Our partners have made us believe that we are less than who we are, and over time, we've come to see this is the norm. We may even consider ourselves inferior or worthless, thanks to a narcissistic partner's overbearing 'concern.' We who are now aware 'see you.' We know who you are and what you are doing, and we also know that your days in power are few and far between. Three zodiac signs will assume their role as worthy once again, and in doing so, we will shout out a resounding NO to the ones who oppress us.


No more narcissism. Enough time has been wasted on these people. We gave them our trust and they took advantage of it, but we take back the power during Moon trine Saturn on August 12, 2023. We are no longer theirs to be manipulated, gaslighted or pushed. The days of being afraid to speak up are officially over. These three zodiac signs will rise on this day during the powerful transit of Moon trine Saturn.

Three zodiac signs say 'no' to narcisstic partners on August 12, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You no longer feel like you can be pushed around, and the most humiliating thing you feel you've allowed to happen is what's been going on in your romantic life. You have let this person take you over, so much so that you aren't sure where you start and where they end any longer. You feel as though you second guess yourself at every turn, and it's all because you let this narcissistic person enter your psyche, and ever since, they've been living in your head, rent-free.

During Moon trine Saturn, you will feel a strong sense of self arise and see this moment as the point of no return. OK, you've made the mistake of letting this so-called 'romantic' partner get the better of you, but that doesn't mean they get to pull the strings for the rest of your life. Oh no. August 12, 2023, changes all that. Grab it when you feel the power, as it is now all yours.


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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)

You, of all people, never thought that in a million years you could be manipulated by someone so narcissistic that they believe you are there for that purpose alone. What started as an enjoyable experience showed you that all that was really going on was that you were being groomed. This means that as you got used to being treated a certain undesirable way, it would become your way of life if you accepted it enough.

You would always be underlying to your romantic partner, and as of today, August 12, 2023, during the radical transit of Moon trine Saturn, you will feel that you know exactly what's going on and you don't like it. Not only that, you don't accept it. You will say a very firm NO to the person who believes with all their heart that you exist to please them, and when you tell them NO, they will recoil. What fun.


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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

It's always been tough for you to stand up for yourself and even though you can be incredibly successful at work and with finances, your home life was always a source of shame to you. How did such a promising love story become an example of narcissism and victimization? While you know, you are responsible for your part. You don't feel you owe this person another minute of this odd kind of loyalty.

It no longer feels good; it feels rotten to the core. On August 12, 2023, you will see exactly what is going on and know with unshakeable faith that you can no longer return to this narcissistic behavior. Your partner will have to scream at themselves in the mirror from now on, as you are OUT OF HERE. Run, Capricorn ... get out now.


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