Customer Calls Server 'Condescending' & Tips $2 On A $230 Bill Because She Asked Him If He Was Driving After Ordering Shots

"I pride myself on giving AMAZING service. I'm sorry I don't want you to possibly get in a crash or [be] pulled over for drunk driving."

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A server revealed that she was tipped poorly after simply trying to look out for a customer's safety.

In a video, TikTok user Karina shared that despite being kind to a customer while serving him at the restaurant she works at, and not having an issue with him at all, she didn't receive an adequate enough tip because she asked him if he was going to be drinking and driving.

She was tipped $2 on a $230 bill after asking a customer if they were planning on driving when they ordered a round of shots.

"When a guy tipped me $2 on a $230 bill and I asked how I can improve on my service and he said I made him feel like an alcoholic when he ordered two more shots of vodka," Karina wrote in overlay text, in a video that has amassed over one million views.




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Karina continued, saying that she had only asked him if he was planning on driving because he had already ordered and drank two other vodka shots and an entire bottle of Stella Rose liquor, and it was clear that he was in no condition to be getting behind the wheel of a car.


In the caption of her post, she added that she wasn't even upset about being tipped so poorly, but that she was only trying to do her job and look out for the safety of a patron. "I pride myself on giving AMAZING service. I'm sorry I don't want you to possibly get in a crash or [be] pulled over for drunk driving."

Karina's decision to inquire if a customer was planning on driving sparked a heavy debate in her comments section, with many TikTok users feeling as if she overstepped by asking the question and that it was none of her business to ask in the first place.

"I come for a drink not a condescending lecture," one user wrote, while another user added, "I mean, if I order a drink, I want a drink, I don’t want a lesson on how to get home safe. I’d still tip 20% and ask you to bring the drink."

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Others pointed out that it's still Karina's job to make sure customers are being safe.

Many other TikTok users explained that Karina should still be making sure that customers aren't getting too drunk to the point where it becomes dangerous, especially as she was the one serving them alcoholic beverages.

"People literally don’t realize that if they drive away intoxicated that it’s our fault if u get pulled over and the server gets in trouble and fined," a third user explained. A fourth user chimed in, "It's literally the law... when I worked at a [convenience] store my boss said not to let anyone buy alcohol if they were drunk or came in with a drink."

"If they get in trouble and see they bought more alcohol from the store then I'm in trouble."

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According to Vance Law Firm, while drunk drivers made the decision to get behind the wheel of their vehicles while intoxicated and should carry the blame for their crashes, others may be partially liable if they served them knowing they were already impaired and likely to drive home.

There are even some states, such as Alabama, that have the Dram Shop Act in place, which makes it illegal to sell alcohol to visibly intoxicated people. 

Ensuring that customers are not too intoxicated to drive home is an important responsibility for restaurant servers. By doing so, they help to promote public safety, reduce legal liability, fulfill their ethical obligations, and promote customer satisfaction.


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