3 Zodiac Signs With Relationship Problems On March 16, 2023, During Venus Square Pluto

Conflict can bring you closer or pull you apart.

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On March 16, 2023, three zodiac signs will have relationship problems during Venus square Pluto. We might notice that things aren't as fabulous as we wanted them to be, which is directly linked to the love lives of certain zodiac signs. We've got a conflicting transit today — Venus square Pluto — and in a way, it could be a very good transit if we listen to the hints it gives. Many of us might notice that our love lives are in trouble; they may have been in trouble for a long time, but it will be during Venus square Pluto that we will start to pay attention.


And, if we really want to save our love lives, then this is the day to lay it all out on the table. We need to bring in our top-notch communication skills because if our love lives are on the rocks, then we need serious intervention. And nothing spells intervention like honesty and open communication. It's time to open those mouths and speak up because during Venus square Pluto if we don't, we will suffer the consequences.

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All relationships have problems; they may be small and manageable, or they may be so out of hand that nobody wants to touch them with a ten-foot pole. If you are one of the zodiac signs mentioned here today, then it would be best for you to pinpoint exactly what's going on between you and your partner and get to the business of healing and mending those problems. The number one cause for break-ups is lack of communication; no matter what the issue is, everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — can be worked in with words.

Three zodiac signs have relationship problems on March 16, 2023:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

During the transit of Venus square Pluto, we will want to stand our ground and fight the one we love. That doesn't mean physically, but it does mean emotionally and verbally. The problem here is that we aren't willing to hear their side of the argument because we are too sold on our argument to even take someone else's point of view into consideration. That's how Pluto works with it square Venus; it makes us feel we are the only person who counts in our love relationship. We defer to our worst nature on this day, March 16, and that is not going to help solve the problems that are running rampant in our relationship. During Venus square Pluto, you, Taurus, will have to be the bigger person, and you will have to remain calm despite your desire to drop bombs. Hear your partner out, and make this the day you decide, together, to work it all out.

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2. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You have been having more and more troubles in your romantic relationship than you care to admit, and during Venus square Pluto, you'll want to admit it even less. That's one of the main problems right there, Cancer; neither of you wants to face the facts, and if you can't face the facts, then you don't try to improve on those facts. The facts state that you both have grown to resent each other, but the real problem is that you've forgotten why you resent each other. In other words, you are both keeping up the act of 'problematic partner', and in truth, there may not be much to uphold anymore. It may just be that you are both too proud to admit you're wrong, and what might be even more surprising is that...and hear this...there may not be anything wrong after all. Snap out of it!

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3. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)


Trouble in the relationship is what this relationship seems to be built on, and while you and your partner seem to like to get entangled in hostility and aggression, you don't realize how awful this really is. You'll tell people that this is just 'how you are' and that they should mind their business, but the real problem here is that you treat each other like garbage and you both enable the worst in each other. It's a vicious circle, and during Venus square Pluto, you'll realize exactly how far you've let it go out of hand. Do you love this person? The answer is more than likely YES, yes and more yes. Then why do you let it go so far? Why are you so mean to them? Why do you let them be so mean to you? Take the energy from Venus square Pluto and learn your lesson already. Life is for living, and if you are so lucky as to find love in this mess, then appreciate it!

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