The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Honesty In Their Relationships During Moon Square Pluto On October 24, 2022

No liars, please.

The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Need Honesty In Their Relationships During Moon Square Pluto On October 24, 2022 Koto_feja Via Getty Images Signature/Feodora Chiosea Via Canva Pro

Moon square Pluto is a unique transit in the way it affects us down here on Earth. 

This event has the ability to shake things up, especially between two people. In fact, its power lies in the tension that exists between two people, rather than it being something that could wage a world war.

No, we're not looking at major catastrophes here, but we are looking at how there's something missing in our relations with others and that missing link is honesty.


A lot of relationships, whether they are familiar, romantic, or platonic run on fantasies.

We project the image we want others to see, and once we are accepted for being 'that' way, we tend to lock in, and what we are essentially doing is lying. We become liars just so others will like us, and that is because we don't feel we have anything good enough inside us naturally.



We don't feel likable or lovable, and so, during Moon square Pluto, we overcompensate. And what is overcompensation other than an elaborate lie, designed to make us look good?


There's just so much of another person's fantasy that we can take after a while though, because the closer we get in any relationship, the more we feel we need to know who this person really is.

It's not as if the fun must end, but the lies must, and it will be during Moon square Pluto that we take the giant step of confronting the person we are with questions that must be answered.

Today, we will ask the question, "Are you ready to start telling me the truth?"

Today pushes forth the idea of genuine behavior and up-front honesty.

These three zodiac signs need honesty in their relationships during the Moon square Pluto on October 24, 2022:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)


You have always been an honesty fan, and you know that speaking one's truth isn't always easy, nor does it always have the desired effect.

On this day, October 24, you'll be setting out on a mission; you've got it in your mind that you want to live in the truth and nothing but the truth, so everyone in your life has to give you a few minutes so that you can tell them what's up with you.

You have friendships that have never been honest; sure, you have fun and you can get along, but you're starting to wonder what the point is after a while with this whole 'keep the truth to yourself' thing.

You want to know your friends better. You are tired of the flimsy, superficial kinds of friends that you've been making over the years, but you haven't found anyone of real substance. At least you know this now, and can utilize the power of Moon square Pluto, to work your world into one of truth and honesty, only.


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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You're not totally of the belief that honesty is the best policy, although if someone asked you, you'd claim that you're all for it. This is your first lie, your first admission of dishonesty.

Being this way, you have also allowed others to lie to you, because you've found that their lies are so much kinder than their truths, and the reality of being Virgo is that you don't want to know the truth; you want the fantasy, the 'everything is going to be OK' and the 'nothing is wrong' dreamscape.

The only problem is that there are some very ugly truths that can't be hidden and you'll find that they come up during Moon square Pluto, with a certain very good friend of yours.


Be prepared to hear an earful from this friend today, as they have much to say, and if you really are such a good friend, then you'll at least hear them out.

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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)


The last thing you'll ever be able to tolerate in this world is not speaking the truth when the truth is needed. You are anti-repressive; you need to let it out, and when you find yourself in a situation where there's someone who literally shuts you up and puts you in a position of being stifled, then you want nothing more than to clear things up, and fast.

You are in a relationship with someone where certain nasty things have gone on for too long. You've never pretended they weren't there, but you let your person slide for all their wrongdoings.

You feel that even if you are responsible for being part of the wrongdoings you are still ready to talk about it and get rid of it. During Moon square Pluto, you'll have this opportunity, and you should take advantage of it as this is the one day that can bring your relationship up and out of the dark.

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