The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Betrayed During The Moon Sextile Neptune On October 12, 2022

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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be Betrayed During The Moon Sextile Neptune On October 12, 2022

Betrayal is one of those things that nobody expects and yet, everyone gets to experience it at one point or another, in their lives.

Betrayal is up there with death; nobody wants it, and nobody feels good after it happens, and still, it happens. We are betrayed in love, by family, in business...we are betrayed by our own selves, by trusted partners, and by total strangers.

The one that usually gets us the most, however, is the betrayal that comes from lovers. Lovers who cheat. Lovers who lie. Lovers who walk away and leave us with the pain.

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During Moon sextile Neptune, we are entering betrayal season once again, and while there is nothing about the universe that lumps events of betrayal together to form an actual season, there is something about the end of the year and what it sometimes does to people.

October tends to bring on the depressing aspect of the year, and who knows what that depression is going to bring about in certain people. We may feel depressed enough to ruin someone else's life, or, we might want to totally 'redo' when it comes to our relationship.

One thing is for certain: we don't do things lightly during Moon sextile Neptune. We go for the throat, and if we're not the wolf, then we are the lamb and we are heading to the slaughter.

Three signs of the Zodiac will be betrayed — by lovers — on October 12, 2022, with Moon sextile Neptune in the sky and blackness in our hearts.

The kind of betrayal that we will feel will harden us; we will not want to speak with friends or family during this time. We are not open to healing, nor are we even ready to accept what's happening to us.

Today is for the betrayal to kick in. Tomorrow, however, is another day.

Three zodiac signs who will be betrayed during the Moon sextile Neptune on October 12, 2022:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

You are about to be so shocked and stunned by what's about to happen to you, that it may take you a while to even accept that it's happening. After all this time, your mate makes a confession to you: they've cheated. They went outside the parameters of your agreed upon relationship-condition and they found love in someone else's arms.

You've discussed this kind of scenario with them before, and you both agreed that the two of you cannot go on if something like this could happen. At one point, you entertained the idea of having a relationship that didn't depend on monogamy to function, but it's not the actual cheating that bothers you; it's that they lied.

They didn't check in with you first, to see if maybe you could open the relationship up. Surely, you would have consented, but instead, your faithful mate let you become the fool, and you will seriously resent it, Capricorn.

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2. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Your betrayal is going to look slightly different than it might for others, in so much as it seems that in your OPEN relationship, your partner has fallen in love with someone other than you. That was the risk you ran when you both agreed to leave jealousy at the door and live life as if you were free, and you have both lived free until this moment.

It seems that the freedom you've allowed yourself to enjoy made it possible for the person you are with to fall in love with someone else...to the point where they no longer wish to be with you, in a relationship, any longer. You trusted the dynamic of the 'main relationship' and the 'primary lover'; in fact, you built your life on this idea.

No matter what, you'd be together, in the union. You could have relations with whomever you wanted, but you'd always come home to this person. That's about to change during the Moon sextile Neptune. They no longer want to come home to you, Aquarius.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You're going to experience good old-fashioned betrayal, the way we all expect it to go down: cheating. The thing that you never wanted to look at has now become THE THING and there's no looking away.

Your passive-aggressive 'romantic' partner will plead not guilty when asked if they've been cheating on you, and that will anger you even more, as it seems you now have proof that they've been unfaithful.

First of all, keeping up with your partner's extra-curricular activities was never something you wanted to monitor, and now you resent the living heck out of this person for taking you for such a fool.

They feel that the more they lie, the more you won't be able to accuse them of things they are indeed guilty of. This is a drama, a theatrical piece, Pisces, and as much as it is a betrayal, it's also the antithesis of what you want in a romantic partnership.

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