7 (Free!) Ways To Give Yourself A Little TLC When You're Feeling Down And Broke

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how to love yourself

Self-care is sometimes associated with treating yourself to material things, like a spa day or a dinner. But a lot of us are poor, especially millennials with debt. So finding alternate ways and learning how to love yourself is a must.

A lot of the time, self-care is hard and strenuous, but man is it worth it! You should make it a point to value yourself as often as you can. 

And if you are able to do so on your own, without outside influence, you are getting closer to yourself. I'm not saying don't go out with your friends over the weekend, but maybe have a weekend or two to yourself once in a while.  

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The best way to learn how to love yourself is to shower yourself with all the care in the world, without even spending a dime. Here are 7 ways you can have a little self-care when you are broke.

1. Clean your apartment.

Open the windows and clean that apartment. Light some candles. Dust and pick up those chip crumbs from the kitchen floor. When you clean your apartment, you give yourself the gift of living in a clean, cared for environment.

You cared about yourself enough to do this and make yourself comfortable. Put on PJs or do it in the nude! If that's not self-love, then I don't know what is.

2. Go outside and get some fresh air.

Take a walk in the park after cleaning your apartment, go for a jog, or just discover a knew place in your neighborhood. We are so caught up with work and money that sometimes we forget to look around at our surroundings

Feel the wind on your face. Grab a coffee and maybe even treat yourself to a latte if you can afford it. Most importantly, let yourself feel the sun on your face. You don't have to interact with anyone if you don't want to; all you need to do is be with yourself.

3. Visit a museum.

I love museums because a lot of them are donation-based, which is amazing if you are on a tight budget. It's an opportunity to let yourself experience culture and art, and be influenced by it.

Sit and enjoy a painting or sculpture. Take yourself out of your own head. Become inspired. Giving your soul an opportunity to learn is a form of self-care. 

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4. Cook a meal for yourself.

When I say cook for yourself, I don't necessarily mean make a bunch of nachos and guacamole, and go to town. I mean make a healthy meal that will enhance your body and take care of your mind.

For example, I cook with Apple Cider Vinegar a bunch because it helps with the nerve and joint pain that I have. If you have any aches and pains, cook specifically to help heal it. 

Research the meals you make and even follow a recipe. Try a new meal — maybe something with an ingredient you've heard of before. Try to remake your favorite meal as a kid. Enjoy the process and enjoy your food.

5. Take a nice hot shower or bath.

Take a moment to be with yourself and relax. In this day and age where every single one of us is running around like a chicken without a head, barely making livable financial deadlines, it's the little things that can replenish us, and help us remember that our bodies are a vessel and we should take care of them.  

6. Step out of your comfort zone.

I like to check in with myself or a trusted friend from time to time. This check-in can be verbal or not. Jot down or audibly speak your goals for that coming week. Give yourself a chance to truly decide what's important and good for you, and what you can pass on this time.

Pick something you are looking forward to or pick something that you are afraid to do, and acknowledge how you feel about these things. This can help you drop into your body and feel grounded. Knowing who you are and what you want is caring about yourself.

7. Allow yourself to sleep more.

A large part of self-care is rest. Even if you can't afford to sleep a full 8 hours, try to sneak in a nap or cancel your weeknight plans to catch up.

Some of us have FOMO from sleeping and thinking that we are missing out on an activity or experience because our bodies are tired. But the truth is, if you don't sleep, you'll never fully experience those moments fully. 

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Becca Beberaggi is a NYC-based writer and comedian. She has written for various online publications and sometimes performs in sketchy basements and sometimes performs in not so sketchy basements. It depends on the day. You can follow her feelings on Twitter @beberagg