Right Man Wrong Day: Why We Should Stop Giving Time That We Don't Have

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By Georgia Farquharson

Has everything you’ve ever wanted in your life ever appeared at the one moment you don’t want it? What are the chances of you meeting your “perfect” match and at least one of you isn’t in the right place, emotionally or physically.

We’re all living on borrowed time, and there’s never been so much pressure to find the "one."

Every day, hundreds of us fall victim to a classic case of bad timing, and contrary to popular belief, boys, it’s not always an excuse.

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So many of us will have fallen in love with someone either out of reach, physically or emotionally. Whether it is distance or time that separates you, two people can be in such different times or places in their life that they’re torn apart by the fast-paced reality we live in.

Sadly, a summer shared or a bond felt between two people is not always enough to defy the perils of day-to-day life, which is why timing really is everything.

You may have been waiting forever for someone with all of the traits this person possesses, but true to Sod’s Law, he waltzes in to sweep you off your feet when you’re either already tied down or leaving.

At least half of the people our age attend college, meaning half of us are balanced between two lives, making a commitment on either end of the spectrum a really difficult thing to dabble in.

We all know there is little time to dwell over summer flings when back in the thrum of college life, but when back home for the holidays and that person crops up again, you’re suddenly torn between what’s easy, what’s right, and what’s damn right out of the question.

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We think on the surface that technology — the likes of Skype, FaceTime, instant messaging, and Facebook — make this dilemma easier.

Realistically, there is no excuse not to be in a relationship with the person who is so right for you, no matter how many miles may separate you. But in reality, technology makes it more difficult.

Because the means of communication are there; the pressure is on to feel you have to "make it work," but when battling with the concept of timing, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Time stops for nobody. It ticks on, and unfortunately, no matter how much you want to pause the moment you are in, life carries on, distance grows and people change.

The cliché has always been that if two people are meant to be together, they’ll find their way back to each other, but will the devil that is "timing" ruin even a second chance?

When we are all battling with an unknown quantity of time, there is simply not enough of it to waste chasing or even waiting for the allusive "one."

The one that you’ve never lost contact with after all this time.

The one who promised you’d be together one day, but at first was unable to commit.

The one who, despite the promises, the timing has never worked out, because when he was ready, you weren’t.

Even if the tables did turn and that allusive, non-committal guy you fell head over heels in love with back in high school realizes his mistake and comes back for you, he’ll see his ship has sailed and you have moved on.

Because time waits for nobody, so pick your moments. Because otherwise, life will become a case of right man, wrong day.

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Georgia Farquharson is the celebrity writer for Woman Magazine and Woman's Weekly. Her work focuses on relationships and women's empowerment, and she's been featured in Southern Living, TV Times, Unwritten, New!, and more.​

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.